Mission Statement

The Goals & Purposes & Mission Statement Of The BRI/IMCF

“Proclaiming the Way of God for All Seekers of Truth as Expressed in First Century Jewish Thoughtform.”

The goals and purposes of the BRI/IMCF are straightforward, and there is nothing mysterious or surreptitious about them. We encourage the sons and daughters of God the Father who are enthusiastic about the current Messianic Movement to get behind us in our quest to fulfill that which we believe the LORD God has granted us to do.

Before reading the following six goals of our Mission Statement, the Biblical Research Institute of the IMCF wishes to clearly state that we are an A-Political, trans-denominational Community which stands firm on the following three fundamentals:

1: We support the Greater Israel vision with Jerusalem as its undivided capital;

2: That Yeshua the Nazarene King of the Jews is the Universal Messiah and Coming Redeemer who will gather all the Holy Sparks back into the shattered Face of G-d.

3: We do not evangelize or “missionize” the Jewish People but expose all People to the Teaching of the Gospel.

Firstly, it is our intention to gain from and add to the present existing accumulation and fund of knowledge produced through the auspices of Jewish and Christian scholarship.

Secondly, it is our intention to expose the Jewish people to our Teaching. It is not our intention to “evangelise” them.

Thirdly, we need to train and educate the already existing “priesthood of all believers,” centring our energy on the proclamation of the Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah with special emphasis on His holy history and as revealed in His death, burial and resurrection (1 Cor 15.1-4). The creation of a fully-equipped mature Messianic Ministry composed of both men and women in the style of the original primitive ekklesia of God but directly related to 21st century social, multicultural, business and environmental factors is well overdue.

To accomplish these three overall intentions there must be certain underpinning mini-goals actualised:

[1] The creation of a unique MESSIANIC COLLEGE, situated right here on the Gold Coast of Australia — or wherever God so intends — where the basic fundamentals of Jewish thoughtform are taught and emphasised, by qualified Messianic believers in Yeshua.

[2] We must bring into an immediate operation a fully-operational publishing arm with its own printing facilities which will produce high quality theological journals and literature published under the BRI/IMCF logo.

[3] Certainly, a CD and tape ministry for Messianic outreach involving further in-depth biblical education needs to be cultivated. Finance is desperately needed to accomplish all these worthy goals and fervent prayerful consideration is expected of any and all who associate with the BRI/IMCF.

[4] We have been asked often if we possess a Messianic-oriented Bible Correspondence Course, majoring on the basic elements of a biblical education rather than being filled with sentimentally-charged religious color plates and rhetoric. This has been an ongoing source of frustration to me personally as there is not enough of me to “go around” and both the Rebbetzin and I are presently “run off our feet.”

[5] Public appearance campaigns are also needed. We get letters and e-mail’s from Africa and India and other regions of the world requesting BRI/IMCF representative visits and lectures. There is an urgent need right now for worldwide lecture tours preaching and teaching the principles of the Gospel with an imperative emphasis on the ultimate goal of all Creation — nothing less than a universal salvation.

Of course, and finally, this all leads to one great important objective:

[6] The formation of global (non-legalistic, non-sexist, Grace-centred) Messianic Assemblies, starting here on the Gold Coast of Australia — an environment where true believers could express their outgoing and outflowing LOVE for one another in an authentic way without the apprehension of judgmental thought-police watching their every move and taking notes on inappropriate conversations, statements etc.

It is NOW TIME for the entire world to hear the GREAT news of the coming Kingdom of God. Its high time to ANNOUNCE its eventuation. The world URGENTLY needs to hear the TRUTH concerning the Jewish Messiah and what the authentic Passover Lamb accomplished (and what he actually underwent) for them personally and for the entire UNIVERSE. Its also time those who “name the name of Christ” knew the OBLIGATIONSwhich they have toward God the Father in loving response to the Gospel of their salvation. If no one else will carry the mantle, then WE must! A spiritual renaissance in knowledge and a restored understanding of God’s truth is coming to the world and we believe that we may well be an integral constituent of that Axial Period (Isa 29; Isa 52-53; Acts 3.19-21).

If you are a believer in that for which we stand, are YOU praying urgently that these objectives will be SOON realised? Are YOU praying fervently for doors of golden opportunity to open to the Rebbe and Rebbetzin and also for James Phillips, our highly treasured Site Administrator, so that we can walk through those doors to achieve our GODLY intentions?

We at BRI/IMCF are EXPECTING our great God to send us committed supporters, talented supporters, and zealous and loyal supporters who will capture the VISION of what the BRI/IMCF is all about.

We thank you in advance for allowing us to serve you all (and God the Father and His Son Yeshua the Mashiach) in this manner.

Dr Les Aron Gosling, Messianic Jewish Rebbe

User CommentsComment by tombev on 2010-06-12 21:05:49

It was a pleasure being with you and enjoying your hospitality and teaching..Many thanks, tom j

Comment by levy on 2011-03-13 14:13:48
I went along to this meeting last Shabbat and thoroughly enjoyed being in the presence of a Jewish Messianic rabbi and his wife (Both Jewish !)

They are bringing TRUTH to the body of believers worldwide and I encourage you to sign on with them,support them and read and hear his lectures/messages which are extremely important(IMPERATIVE ) for us and be a part of restoring knowledge of THE TRUTH…all of it !

Rabbi Les Gosling has a great vison to reach the world with the true gospel, (removing the pagan indoctrinations which a lot of believers in Yeshua are still holding on to) and training the believer in Yeshua with their responsibilities as royal priests unto God.(YHVH)

You do not have to be in Australia to participate in this vision. You can listen to his messages/lectures/teachings wherever you are in the world and become stronger in your faith and grow in greater knowledge of the Truth.

Take a look through his website and see what there is in store for you! You will be blessed.

You were so radical(to me)l I had serious doubts..Now those doubts are disappearing… Tom J
Comment by tombev on 2011-04-26


The Biblical Research Institute of the IMCF wishes to clearly state we are a trans-denominational, A-Political Messianic community.