Why do you differentiate between Christians and “disciples” as you seem to do in all your lectures?

One of the most important areas of misunderstanding pertaining to the biblical revelation is the fact that a Christian is (or ought to be) a disciple of the Messiah. While all Christians claim to be disciples or “followers” of the Lord Yeshua (whom most call “Jesus”), the majority have absolutely no idea that to be a disciple, or a “follower,” is to be a student, or a pupil, of Our Lord.

In the first century Jewish thoughtform, to follow a rabbi or to enquire “as to where he [the rabbi] dwelt” meant simply enough “to become his student” and to “join his talmidim” (pupils) — to be taught and instructed by him. In fact, all scholars recognise that the terms disciple, follower, pupil, and student were all synonymous expressions. (For a more complete explanation, with accompanying Scripture references see the popular Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, Vol.1., 316).