So basically you’re saying that the Bible teaches that human personality survives its bodily death?

Unquestionably! Is there a hidden world within us? Absolutely! Does the personality of man transcend time and space? Yep! Is there room in our theology for the rebirth concept in Christian dogma? Definitely!

Moreover, put in blunt terms, can a Messianic believer accept reincarnation and still remain loyal to the Bible as the inspired Word of God, and to the Messianic Community as the Community of Faith? Or is the very notion of the continuance of the human spirit after physical death biblically absurd?

What does the Scripture tell us of reincarnation and of life after death? We have to admit the annals of ecclesiastical history reveal that the teaching of reincarnation — without the vile accumulation of Hindu trappings — was once a very definite Christian belief and that it was voted out of the Faith at the unofficial Council of Constantinople in 553 C.E.

At that time those who persisted in the teaching were regimentally divorced from the Faith of Yeshua.

We have an exposition entitled “So! You Think You’re Mortal?” and it addresses a few of these issues. Members of the IMCF can have access to a series of indepth Yeshiva studies on the entire subject of human mortality versus human immortality. These studies originally formed a BRI Study Manual entitled “Is Man the Phoenix?” The biblical revelation has MUCH to say on the entire spectrum…but most Christian believers (and I include sectarians and some cultists in this appellation) are totally, blissfully unaware that this is the case. But I do warn prospective students of the BRI/IMCF Yeshiva that only people interested in having their perceptions faithfully challenged ought to join (grin).