Messiah’s Mum

The Dedication Page to “Messiah’s Mum.”

In honour of our friends Dr Ken Chant and the late Dr Ernest L. Martin,

who, while they never knew one another; selflessly shared their greatest gift– the encouragement of believers to think outside the square.

The CONTENTS of "Messiah's Mum."

Preface & Acknowledgments, Glossary, Introduction.
1. Cherished & Painful Memories
2. Close Encounters of the Elohim Kind
3. Expectations of Heartache
4. So Who Were the Magi?
5. Yeshua: The Trauma of Health Problems
6. A Most Unusual Son
7. The Last Hours
A Special Note For The Reader
Appendix 1:The Death of the Messiah
The Witness of the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Witness of the Jewish Talmud & the Jewish Baraita
The Witness of the Turin Shroud
The Witness of Demons
The Witness of Yeshua’s Spirit
Appendix 11:The Speedy Removal of the Corpse
Appendix 111:Did the Romans Disallow Jewish Courts Judicial Authority toExecute in 6 CE?
Further Notes for Clarification
Appendix IV:The Shame-Filled Trauma of the Mashiach
End Notes
Scripture Index

In our age of intensive Christian and Jewish research, new information is being unearthed almost every week which promises to shed more light on those spiritual forebears who went before us in calamitous times proclaiming a message of both warning and hope from God to His Chosen People.

In his forthcoming indepth study “Tere Asar” – The Twelve: The Neglected Framework of the End of Days Dr Les Aron Gosling, a Messianic Jewish Rebbe, grants his readership an insightful view into the oftentimes turbulent and troubled age which gave birth to the prophets of Israel and Judah.

Leaving few stones unturned in his refreshingly lively and always vivid writing style and with a sweeping grasp and appreciation of a largely forgotten, if not almost entirely lost ancient history, Dr Gosling recovers an important message specifically applicable to the timely emergence of the global phenomenon known generally as the Nazarene Messianic Movement – a Movement which Dr Gosling believes is destined to form an End of Days spiritual revolution in the State of Israel.

Dr Gosling is also writing a fascinating history of the Nazarene Emissary Rav Shaul which will be entitled The Real Apostle Paul.

"Messiah's Mum. A Controversial & Radical Reconsideration of the Life of the Holy Family: A Messianic Primer"

It is the belief of the authors that this compelling book will set the stage for the advent of the prophesied “Yeshua Revolution” expected to occur in the End of Days State of Israel. Dr Les Aron Gosling, a Messianic Jewish Rebbe, and his wife the Rebbetzin Glenys Evelyn, have attempted to reconstruct the heartbeat and spirit of the little Jewish Woman who brought the Nazarene King of the Jews into the world — a Woman whose legacy and memory has traversed two millennia of religious world history.

This is a largely untold tale of Miriam, set against a historical background of underground militant Zealot resistance to Roman occupation in the land of Judea. The project “Messiah’s Mum” is as intrepid as it is simple.

There are some fascinating surprises in this book, and the Goslings take advantage, and make exciting use, of the research material of their friend the late Dr Ernest L. Martin (a fine historian and theologian in his own right) to form some of the bedrock of this small, tidy and compact Messianic Primer.

"Messiah's Mum" Book Review from the Australian Central Coast Chai Watchman Prayer Group

It has been a great privilege to read this book which fills in so many gaps from Yeshu’s young life until His death. All information has biblical and historical references, which are easy to understand. As we have been (and are) learning the Hebraic roots of Christianity, we also learn the way Yeshu and His family lived all those centuries ago. We are taught traditionally that the last supper was just attended by Yeshu and His talmidim (disciples) but to those of us who have learnt, we know it was Passover or Pesach and all the family are together at that time. So Miryam (Mary), His brothers and sisters and talmidim would have attended the Feast. That was a time of great joy but also great sorrow to come to those who didn’t understand. Our Saviour and Redeemer was going to suffer so greatly for us but His joy was to be with His Heavenly Father who in His Grace gave us Yeshu as the sacrificial lamb. This account fills in the gaps that we are not taught. Glenys takes us on a journey back in time and in part becomes Messiah’s Mum Miryam at an old age thinking back on her life and Yeshu as a toddler and young boy growing, of Yosef and what became of him. Miryam has wave after wave of memories and you feel you are there with her. This book is beautifully crafted from Yeshu’s birth until the tree (crucifixion). So much in between; so much we didn’t know. It makes sense to me but some will question and that’s okay. But to me the Holy Spirit is so very evident. This is a book that needed to be written and I thank Glenys and Les Gosling and my Lord and Saviour Yeshu for all He’s done and the courage He gave Glenys to write this. Ruth Murdoch18th July 2009

Appendix IV: The Shame-filled Trauma of the Mashiach:

Written by Glenys Gosling – Rebbetzin & Dr Les Aron Gosling- Rebbe : Authors of Messiah’s Mum

In the first century the Messianic believers (both Jew and Gentile) knew what was involved in the association of the idea of “shame” in relation to that which was involved in the trauma of Roman sentence and crucifixion.

[1] In some Middle Eastern countries even today it is considered “normal” for Arab men to rape victims (male and female) captured in war. This practice has not changed in thousands of years. And not just in war.

Roman practice of sexual humiliation of captured male victims was the same back during the imposition of the Pax Romana. The writer of the letter to the Hebrews noted (decades after the crucifixion) that the Messiah had been tried in all things (by which He can readily identify with those who have been so exposed to such vile treatment). Female victims of rape can be assured Our Lord knows precisely what they have been through (let alone males).

[2] In Jewish thoughtform sacred male prostitutes were referred to as “dogs.” In Torah there is a euphemistic reference to “the price of a dog.” Cocker Spaniels, German Shepherds and American Red-nosed Pit Bulls, obtained for a good cost from the local dog pound, were not under discussion in the biblical text.

There can be no doubt at all of the ordeal Yeshua went through in the horrific scourging that took place (in which his body was lacerated with the Roman, not Jewish, scourge); the sharpened flint, metal and bone pieces embedded in the tails of the scourge, so that the skeleton of our Messiah (yours and mine) was finally clearly visible (Psalm 22.17) not to mention the fact that the entire cohort was unleashed on him in the barracks, subjecting him to cruel treatment, horrific torture and pack rape. Its all there in the Greek version: see Mark15.16 where “the whole company” released onto Yeshua should properly read “the entire cohort” — that’s 600 brutal war-seasoned soldiers.

Small wonder his fatigue was so acute, his energy exhausted and depleted, that a man named as Sh’mon was conscripted by Romans from among the onlookers to carry thestauros. The stauros was a short wooden length of timber which would be fastened to the tree of crucifixion — a tree large enough to have three men firmly secured to it — and on which the hands of Yeshua would be nailed. Yeshua also expired long before he was supposed to have done so which prompted Pilate’s statement of surprise: “What! Is he dead already?” (Mark 15.44).

[3] The Psalmist tells us a number of things about the crucifixion which we would not have known from the silence of the Gospel accounts. In one Psalm Yeshua is described as being surrounded and tortured by “dogs” (Psalm 22.16).

Clearly, Christians have been subjected to a variety of extremely SANITIZED VERSIONS of the crucifixion of the Messiah. It was anything but a simple nailing, and spear thrust. How often do we conjure up images of a silent and quietly mournful “Christ on a cross” so delicately hanging there, neatly wrapped about the loins with a clean white napkin, a sorrowful image with a trickle of blood on the forehead and another on His side just beneath the chest cavity? In such presentations there is hardly a hair of His head out of place.

The reality however is that of a tortured, writhing, screaming, and heaving young Jew twisting his body further out of shape in a desperate attempt to get air into exhausted burning lungs. Totally naked; excrement-covered lower limbs; bloodied to a pulp; eyes gouged out; skeletal details apparent for everyone to view; urine pumping in ejaculated squirts from pain and graffiti carved into His forehead. The legs may even have been tucked up and nailed behind Him, rather than neatly stretched in an elongated manner.

Not pleasant? We don’t want to know about such “pornography.” I would suggest it is about time we did.

My husband gave a detailed sermon many years ago in a Salvation Army citadel on the crucifixion of Yeshua. Two women fainted and a tough Army officer broke down in loud sobs, God bless him.

Away with sanitized Catholic and Protestant drivel, and let us not be ashamed of Our Lord who cares for us so much that He was more than willing to experience all that life — and death — had to offer on our behalf.