Does Bri Teach The Coming Of A New World Order?

Since 1981 we have been teaching the coming New World Order…….

Does BRI teach the coming of a New World Order?

Yes, and we do not oppose it in any way. Time is terribly short. Well-documented moves have been afoot at least since the days of Cecil Rhodes, to unite our troublesome world into a federation of sovereignless nation-states, nothing short of world government. It is a fact that any who oppose its eventuation will be removed from any position of influence in the emerging New World Order.

George Bush talked a lot about the coming NWO, along with his chum and Rhodes scholar ex-PM of Australia, Bob Hawke. In fact the NWO has been publicly discussed at length by a curiously growing number of international statesmen, diplomats, politicians and scientists. More and more the idea of a NWO is being promulgated in the media.

This is because a world government is natural man’s last hope for survival. We are, in fact, heading rapidly into a period of time, the like of which the world has never seen, during which a massive deception and distortion of the truth of God will be foistered on an unsuspecting world (2 Thes 2.3,4,9,11). An increase in World Federation promotional activity has been growing ever since Roswell in 1947. A mere mortal will arrogate to himself the Messianic Office of the LORD God.

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