Can Angels be Female?

It’s intriguing how much we read into the biblical revelation. There are many references to “angels” in the Word (today we call them “ET’s” — “extraterrestrials,” not “eternal tormentists”) and most people view them as male. At the same time they want us to believe there is no sense of active sexuality among them, as there is amongst human beings. Yet the very fact they admit to them as being male contradicts this assumption (take some time out to think about that statement).

The idea that there is no sense of sexuality in relation to angelic beings is based largely upon Our Lord Yeshua’s statement that in heaven the angels “do not marry, nor are given in marriage.” But he is (of course) talking about the human marriage institution or order, not about sexual drives. This is an important point invariably overlooked by students of the Bible. This would explain the accounts in the Torah concerning sexual activity among angels and humans (Genesis 6 and the Sodom and Gomorrah story). It would also go a long way in explaining the many recent stories circulating all over the world (over the past 40 years) of alien abductions and the resultant sexual activity occurring during the kidnapping ordeal.

So where in the Bible do we find a reference to some angels being female? In Zechariah’s prophecy about a symbolic woman hiding in a measuring utensil! Notice it now:

“Then I looked up into the sky; and I beheld an awesome sight! There came forth two women, and the wind was in their wings. They possessed wings resembling the wings of a stork. They lifted up the [economic] measuring utensil between the Earth and the heavens. Then I said to the angel that was speaking with me, ‘Where do these take the [economic] measuring utensil?’ And he replied to me: ‘To build her [Israel] a house in the land of Shinar [Babylon]; and when it is finally prepared and completed, she shall be set there in her own place” (Zech 5.9-11 Hebrew).

Food for thought indeed.