Are the “gifts of the Spirit” still around today?

There are genuine spiritual gifts, and gifts of demons, at large in the historic church and pentecostal assemblies today. It is my personal belief that while there are genuine manifestations of the Spirit that can be observed currently, the real out-pouring is yet future — and it will begin at Jerusalem.

In relation to this question, the BRI/IMCF is unique in that brethren of different persuasions and opinions can still meet together in harmony, live and work and rub shoulders together, and share a common communion, in Messiah. I do not make doctrine an issue for excommunication. Paul never once put people out of his congregations over doctrinal matters — only over deportment.

After my own Damascus Road in 1981, I originally shared a Reformed position, but I happen today to recognise that I am charismatic. And one who delights in the writings of Karl Barth, T.F. Torrance, and Brunner. And the Catholic Hans Kung. BRI is living evidence that it is more than possible to integrate positive charismatic renewal with traditional Reformed orthodoxy.