Give ‘Babe’ a Miss!

“Should all the nations of the world unite to uproot one word of the Torah, they would be unable to do it” (Leviticus Rabbah 19.2).

Our Lord Yeshua was in complete agreement with this assessment of the Torah. He said, “Heaven and earth would sooner disappear than one yod [the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet] or even one kots [the thorn-like decorative stroke rabbis added to the yod] from the Torah” (Mt 5.18). Because God has never had any intention of “doing away” with the Torah, Our Lord admonished his talmidim (disciples, students): “The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, observe and do” (Mt 23.2,3).

As I have stated on previous occasions in relation to this series of lectures on the Torah, my purpose is fundamental to an appropriate understanding of the epistles found in the pages of the Messianic Scriptures. Unless we consider the Torah as it was given in the days of Moses, and compare it with changes that occurred to that same Torah over the centuries, we cannot properly claim to comprehend what the apostles were talking about when they referred to the Torah and restated that certain commandments were to be observed by the early, primitive Messianic Community. Indeed, a proper assessment of the Torah is essential if we are to really grasp Messiah and His righteousness. This theme of Righteous-ness by Faith I will return to again and again as we progress.

Did Mashiach Die to Alter Animal Biological Function?

It is the common Christian view that when “Jesus” died He died for the sins of the world (but by which term they usually mean, unless they are old style Methodists, only the church). His immense and costly sacrifice also somehow magically changed the chemistry, and the biological functions, of certain of God’s creatures — birds that fly in the heavens, animals that roam the earth, and fish that swim in the oceans. Now, Christians will not put these beliefs in exactly the same vocabulary which I have just used to express what they maintain actually occurred at the cross! But it’s certainly (and dogmatically) exactly WHAT they teach.

Both Arminianists and Calvinists readily enough recognise that the Torah had some prohibitions for the Jews regarding what Moses considered “unclean” meats, but that all changed, they claim, when “Christ” died. True, there were certain things changed in some of the purity and ceremonial laws, and the contents of the Messianic Scriptures (the so-called “New Testament”) clearly enunciate WHAT those changes were! In fact, while there were changes to the purity rules of the Mosaic economy, especially as pertaining to the role of the Gentiles, Christians will be hard pressed indeed to determine that the same economy was superseded by new teaching! Even the “New Covenant” incorporated certain of the provisions of the Sinai Covenant. If the changes don’t appear in the pages of the Messianic Scriptures then I’m sorry, but they didn’t happen. Any changes to the Torah needed rabbinic councils to approve them, even in Christian circles (cf the Jerusalem Conference in Acts 15 and the official rabbinic letter to the Hebrews).

In 1960, one of the United States’ foremost authorities on food chemistry and public health issues, J.J. Van Gasse, M.D., reported the following facts. I have an excerpt of the most important points covered in his address:

“One out of every six Americans alive today has already been infected with a parasite, trichinella spiralis, from eating diseased pork. No one is certain how many new cases develop each year and even worse, few of the patients afflicted with the disease are correctly diagnosed. The disease we are talking about is Trichinosis. Incredibly, among civilised nations of the world only this country has permitted the situation to get out of hand. EVEN THOUGH THE FACTS ARE WELL KNOWN IN PUBLIC HEALTH CIRCLES there has been little concerted effort to wipe out the disease…Larvae forms of the trichinae are found alive in the flesh of pigs. These larvae, microscopic in size, and almost impossible to detect without careful and prolonged laboratory examination, are protected by a sac-like covering while lying within the muscle of the animal. When they are eaten by the human, or some other animal, the sac is destroyed and the larvae quickly mature. The fertile female adult then gives birth to several hundred new larvae which quickly penetrate the intestinal wall and travel through the bloodstream to vital organs and muscle tissue of the body. Once in the muscle they again become encysted and remain there alive hoping to repeat the life cycle. This is where we find them now, lying dormant, in close to 30,000,000 Americans [recall that these were 1960 figures]. This figure has been well documented by several investigators who have reported the presence of cysts in one out of six patients examined at autopsy, regardless of the [official] cause of death. Armed with this information it is easy to see that pork is the vehicle of infection…If you and your family have eaten a small amount of lightly infected pork YOU MIGHT NOT BE AWARE OF THE INFECTION AT ALL. If, on the other hand, you consume heavily infected pork, poorly cooked, you may become seriously ill. How often does this happen? Random checks show that it happens too often. As much as 10% of the fresh pork offered for sale in many areas contains the parasite. It is simply a question of time before you are exposed…”

This is a frightening report! True, it was delivered in 1960. That was almost 50 years ago! But if you think that things in America have improved dramatically since then you are self-deceived. And yes, the report concerned itself with the USA, and not Australia. However, medical authorities admit that NO REAL RESEARCH has as yet been undertaken in this country which is in-depth enough to show any relationship between certain modern afflictions and this parasite.

Certainly, we who live on in this island-continent “Down Under” should all appreciate the fact that Australia is indeed blessed with a sometimes heavy-handed health consciousness — that health authorities are occasionally brutish in their pursuit of what they consider adherence to required levels of excellence in the quality of health care being offered to the public. But in the area of meat inspection our authorities have left a great deal to be desired. As a consequence, we feel it is better to be safe than sorry. After all, YOU may be the next victim of a serious, perhaps fatal, disease — all because an infected pig slipped past the “watchful eye” of a disinterested, and perhaps microbiologically ignorant, health inspector.

So, what are the symptoms of parasitic infection? How can you determine if you are a host to the spirochaete? If you are, what can you do to improve your health?

Trichinosis — Is Diagnosis Accurate?

We are reliably informed by Dr Van Gasse that early in the course of this infection the patient can have a mild case of diarrhea. There may be some stomach cramping, even nausea, and perhaps vomiting. In severe cases, a high fever is evident. Mac Donald informs us that temperatures have risen well above 103° F., and can be accompanied by somnol-ence (K. Mac Donald in Top & Wehrle’s Communicable and Infectious Diseases., 1972, 689).

Now, of course, these symptoms could fit any number of illnesses. But, adds Gasse, the bout of fever could last upwards to five or six weeks! Gasse tells us further, “After the larvae have penetrated the intestinal wall and worked their way into the various muscles there may be pronounced muscle pain, swelling and discomfort. Involvement may be so severe as to cause pain when breathing, chewing, swallowing, even moving the eyes. Often the first sign of the illness is a swelling and puffiness of both eyelids.”

The shocking truth is that even though diagnosis can take place and the patient informed that he has indeed been invaded by the dreaded spirochete (and so far, we are told by the lumbering Health Commission, only migrants have the disease, although how they can be so certain about this remains to me a mystery) there is absolutely NOTHING that medical science can do about it! Notice again the testimony of Gasse:

“IF the physician thinks of the possibility of trichinosis, and BECAUSE THE SYMPTOMS RESEMBLE THOSE OF MANY OTHER DISEASES he may not think of it, he will find his laboratory of little help in making the diagnosis. Aside from counting the number of eosinophiles in the blood [cells containing granules staining with acid dyes, whose numbers increase in both allergic diseases and parasitic infections] usually elevated in trichinosis, and running specimens of blood, stools, or muscle biopsies through the laboratory, THERE IS LITTLE HE CAN DO. Two skin tests have been used, with-out much success. Actually, none of the tests is specific or diagnostic; most of them, though, can be expensive. Even more frustrating, IF the disease is suspected or diagnosed, THERE IS NO EFFECTIVE DRUG…THAT CAN BE USED TO TREAT IT. Death…sometimes does ensue. In addition, there is an obvious economic loss from the sheer number of people involved – some of whom lose time from work and who spend money trying to find out WHY THEY ARE ILL!”

Professor Zenken of Dresden, must be credited for being the first professional to properly diagnose trichinosis by ascertaining both its nature and its source. A young German peasant girl had thrown a high fever accompanied by sluggishness and general debility, with acute tenderness all over her body, especially in the calves of her legs. But she had great pain and “pulling” in the muscles, and she eventually went delirious. She was diagnosed as having typhoid fever! After some weeks duration, the 19 year old girl died. Zenken performed an autopsy and was surprised to find hundreds of trichinae alive and well, swarming in and around the voluntary muscles and infesting the mucous from the small intestines.

In 1835, Owen had described the parasitic organism, and both Paget (1833) and Leidy (1847) had also done a little work in regards this spirochete before the Professor of Dresden performed his shattering autopsy: Paget had discovered trichinella spiralis in the human body and Joseph Leidy had located it in pork (See Richard Harrison Shryock, The Development of Modern Medicine: an Interpretation of the Social and Scientific Factors Involved, 1948, 226 & Mac Donald, op.cit., 688).

But it was Zenken who traced this unfortunate young girl’s infection to the eating of ham and sausages, which, under microscopic investigation, revealed the trichinae in overwhelming abundance. This was in 1860, exactly 100 years before Van Gasse delivered his report on pork! We are now in the final three decades before the coming of the Messiah and we haven’t progressed very far, have we?

Indeed, when this German lass first discovered that she was ill, she was diagnosed by a busy doctor as having contracted typhoid fever. Today, MILLIONS of sufferers all over the world are being WRONGLY DIAGNOSED. Australia is no exception. And how long did it take for this Nordic girl to suffer the consequences of her meal of ham and sausage? She had eaten the flesh of the infected pig only a short five weeks before her fever reached its peak!

Am I being an “alarmist”? Yes! You can absolutely rest assured that I am! And I make no apology for having thus stated.

Isn’t it about time some of our own medical authorities began to wake up and stop treating their patients as their next “meal ticket”? Thankfully, if the signs of the times are being discerned correctly, it would seem that many medical professionals are beginning to see things as they really are IN FACT and are reevaluating their own position and calling in a realisation that they are not the gods they have thought themselves to be for far too many years.

For, we have at last entered the age of exotic disease and tooth decay! The world in which we live, especially our western civilised technocratic computerised society, is literally FILLED TO OVERFLOWING with untold sickness, misery, disease, hospital caused carnage, mounting personal mental problems, “aches and pains,” degeneracy and physical depravity. Spiralling statistics on the frightening increase of cancer, heart disease, genetic disorders, spinal malfunctions, the AIDS epidemic, the rapid rise of herpes (yes, herpes simplex is a form of venereal disease), and strange new plagues emerging in Africa, spell a time of trouble the like of which this planet has rarely seen. And tooth decay? There are more dental specialists and dental products on the supermarket shelves today than at any other time in the history of the world — and more tooth decay than ever!

There are MANY causes of ill health, and it is not always a simple approach that can eradicate sickness (health-food books and TV pop nutritionists notwithstanding). Nevertheless, the consumption of millions of tonnes of “unclean” food which is not fit to be eaten (such as pork and other pig products) is a very definite factor in the alarming trend in this nation toward perpetual illness.

Do yourself a favour! Quit eating pork while you are still ahead. You owe it to yourself to give life everything you’ve got. This physical life may be the only one you have, so why not prolong it as long as you can? It is in your power (all things being equal) to live a long life if you wish, if you choose to do so, if you become a truly self-CONSCIOUS individual — an authentically self-CENTRED (not self-obsessed) personality — aware of the LAWS that GOVERN health and well-being. There is a cause to every effect. We must all become much more aware of commonsense principles, the utilisation of which can grant us more other-enabling advantages in life and help us to gain more personal happiness out of living life fully each day.

There are some people who believe we were designed to live for 120 years or more, and this was divinely intended. Some folk on this planet actually do live that long (especially those who happen to be rural, living away from much of the pollution and “artificial colouring and preservative added” consumer-type lifestyles of our modern social systems).

But most of us are dropping dead, burned out, in their early 50s, 60s, and 70s. Most of us GORGE OURSELVES TO DEATH! We overeat, particularly in Australia. We “pig out” and eat what is not fit for pigs. We throw the waste into the garbage and it is then fed to pigs. Then we eat the pigs.

Way back in 1946 Newsweek magazine carried this report: “For more than three decades, health authorities have warned the American public to avoid “pink pork” and to cook pork thoroughly. Yet the United States continues to have the highest trichinosis rate of any country in the world. This fact was emphasised anew by Dr S.E. Gould of Eloise, Michigan, reporting last week in the JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. At least 16% of autopsies have revealed pink pork infection, Gould said. Where autopsy methods are thorough the percentage has been as high as 36%. This painful and sometimes fatal ailment is caused by the tiny worm trichina, a parasite in live hogs, transmitted to human beings through uncooked pork. Less than 1/32nd of an inch in length, and invisible to the naked eye of both butcher and consumer, trichinae can lurk in any cut of pork from the most expensive loin roast to the more dubious frankfurter. Nor is it a respecter of persons” (Newsweek, January 14, 1946, 80).

Trichinosis is NO respecter of persons! Pink pork infection is no respecter of persons. Swine-flu fever is no respecter of persons. Pork fatty deposit is no respecter of persons. The tip of one’s tongue slightly touching bacon or pork fat is enough to send cholesterol levels in the blood stream soaring sky high! What does this tell you?

It is recorded that German pathologist Virchow challenged by Prince Otto Bismarck to a duel, arrived with his choice of weapons: two rosy pink pork sausages! “One,” said Virchow, “is full of deadly trichina; the other is not. You choose and eat one and I will eat the other.” The indefatigable Bismarck hastily withdrew the challenge to fight (Owen S. Parrett, M.D., Diseases of Food Animals, 1974, 7).

The parasite trichinella spiralis would not have discerned between a Prince and a pauper. Why should YOU be any different, as far as this deadly alien is concerned? Why should it avoid you?

Trichinosis Not the Only Pork Problem

Apart from this spirochete, other worms infest the juicy muscles of the pig. The US Department of Agriculture Yearbook
(1942) lists over 40 diseases and parasites of swine that are communicable to man. Trichinosis, roundworm, swine erysipelas, tapeworm, hog cholera, liver flukes, bladder worms, balantidia, undulant fever (Brucellosis), and even boils are listed.

Some vegetarians claim that all animal flesh is unfit for human consumption. This is a complete and utter fallacy, although it must be admitted that ALL foods — and I mean ALL foods — have been contaminated, if not by Strontium 90 from “fallout,” then by man’s insatiable drive to “improve nature” by adding artificial colours and preservatives to everything from yoghurt to wine, and antibiotics with hormones (for more rapid, fleshier development) injected into fowl and cow! The antibiotics turn the fat of meat white, instead of a yellowish colour, not to mention the unnaturally huge quantities of cholesterol that are consequently produced. A full 40% of all antibiotics sold in the U.S. are injected or fed into livestock. Fish is contaminated with DDT residues and mercury overdoses and who knows what else! Let’s not overlook the Green Kingdom. We grow vegetables and fruit with the aid of chemical fertilisers and poisonous sprays. Modern technology has turned all food into insidious poison. Again, I readily admit that some animals are unfortunately bred in intolerably poor circumstances and have their normal development and growth forced with high-powered sex hormones. It normally takes up to 4 years for cattle to be turned into beef, but these days it takes about 12 months before it’s served up on a plate. Naturally, this produces poor quality meat, with a definite proclivity toward disease. Certainly, in the U.S. beef is fattened by a mixture of urea and carbohydrate added to a high protein diet as tests are conducted using triturated plastic, pulverised newsprint mixed with molasses, woodshavings and sawdust. Not only so, but sausages, hamburger mince, sausage rolls and meat pies and all processed meat contain pulverised bone and offal (13 portions of animal carcase we normally would not eat) and can still be termed “meat” under newly introduced government definitions. (For a complete listing of communicable and infectious diseases of all livestock, including chickens, refer F.V. Collins, Meat Inspection, [Rigby] 1954, 1966.)

I have already referred to S-90. There is not a place on this planet which has not felt the disastrous effect on plant life which has come through the man-made plague of Strontium 90: with the compliments of massive fallout from atomic and hydrogen bombs which have exploded in our delicate atmosphere since 1945 (and, of course, during previous tests). Every single plant and skerrick of vegetation (including our common lettuce and cabbage) has been laced with this poison, as S-90 has a peculiar interest in green leafy plant life! If we were authentically health minded we would eat NOTHING at all on this planet — we would literally starve ourselves to death, for nothing is “fit” to eat. Nothing. All has suffered from the effects of pollution, from meat to the true Gospel. While we frantically worry about a piece of red salmon in a vegetarian dish, our little children have their precious innocent minds polluted with the modern atheistic doctrines of a God-rejecting educational system.

There is a God and you can prove that He exists. It doesn’t take faith to accept a plain scientific FACT of the existence of a great first cause. It doesn’t take faith to acknowledge the FACT of the first law of biogenesis — that LIFE can only come from PRE-existent LIFE. That Supreme LIFEGIVER and LAWGIVER has mentioned in His Word to man that some foods are inedible. We have rarely asked God of what our common diet should consist. It doesn’t even take faith to ask this question — but it does take a certain measure of honesty and courage, character traits few of us alive today actually possess.

Eliminate T.B. In Hogs — Give it to the Public!

American federal health authorities condemned almost 100,000 pigs and hogs in 1954 for about 50 different reasons. Half the condemnations were as a direct result of infections of pleurisy, arthritis and abscesses. In that same year over 1.5 million PORTIONS of pigs were condemned as unfit for human consumption by these same authorities. Jewish kosher butchers would have destroyed the remainders of these carcasses, but the Gentile Americans consumed the left-overs! US health authorities declared that 10.5 million swine died of parasitic diseases that same year, with a further 30 million pigs perishing before they had time to be weaned (US Department of Agriculture Yearbook 1956).

In fact, the Chief of the Bureau of Animal Industry released these startling figures: Out of 63 million livestock animals inspected prior to processing, 18 head of cattle were condemned, along with 1 calf, 11 sheep and 2,793 pigs! An interesting ratio! These figures seem to imply that disease is more rampant in pigs than in any other form of livestock. Indeed, no goats were listed as being condemned by the inspectors at all. Not only is this the case, but in one given year we discovered that 46,688,860 pigs were slaughtered in the United States but that only 65% of these animals were even inspected for T.B. (tuberculosis). Well over 5 million pigs had the disease but only 42,381 were deemed unfit for food!!!

What happened to the remainder? You wished you had not asked the question? The remainder — 5,278,971 in all — were sold and consumed by a gullible public led to believe that their Big Brother had the consumer’s best interests in mind (See U.S. Department of Agriculture Bulletin, No. 1069, 1939, 5).

States one authority on pig products: “It is not necessary to apply the tuberculin test to all individuals in the hog herd because it is MORE ECONOMICAL TO SEND THE ENTIRE HERD, with the exception of valuable breeding animals TO MARKET when fat, than to undertake to exterminate the disease in any other way” (Tuberculosis in Livestock, 15).

Again: “There can be no doubt that the best and surest method of procedure, in nearly every case [of infection with T.B.] is to slaughter the entire drove as soon as the animals can be put into a marketable condition” (Tuberculosis of Hogs, 9).

Quite apparently, as we have seen from the above quotations, selfish capital interest dominates the thinking in the market place with some producers of livestock “riding home on the pig’s back.” It should not be this way. In some areas of health inspection disease is adequately contained if not overcome. Yet from what we have read money seems to sometimes be a predominating motivation. “Greed is good,” as one motion picture line about Wall Street puts it. All too often human greed displays its ugly cranium and the naively trusting general public suffer as a consequence. We are deluding our-selves if we feel this is only an American-Edomite trait manifesting only “overseas.” We Australians may not yet be plunging off the same cliff as the American lemmings, or suffering to the same extent as our Yankee cousins, but we might well be on our way!

The American Medical Association estimates that there are 48,000,000 cases of trichinosis in the United States (Journal of American Medical Association, March 18, 1939, 1074). Yes, these are 1939 figures! Obviously Van Gasse was being extremely conservative when he stated that 30,000,000 Americans have the disease lying dormant in their systems. Why the SUDDEN INCREASE in heart disease, rheumatism, arthritis and neuritis? Could these discomforts be actually related to PIG infections — especially in this country where little or no research has been carried out at length into pig-related communicable disease? After all, an independent researcher named C.H. Evans of the Institute of Pathology in Cleveland, found 36 positive cases of trichinosis in the first 100 cases studied in his city (M.C. Hall & B.J. Collins, Public Health Reb. 54:468, April 6, 1937).

Recall that it is admitted that wrong diagnosis is often given by doctors engaged in treating disease. We’ve ALL experienced that from time to time. Dr G.M. Dack reveals that some early indications of trichinosis have been confused with food poisoning (G.M. Dack, M.D., Food Poisoning, 117). Symptoms can be disguised as 40-odd other diseases and illnesses.

Even Encyclopaedia Britannica has admitted that the problem has gotten out of hand. It encourages government research, and the proper expenditure of massive quantities of capital to eradicate pig diseases.

“After many years of living with hog cholera, a virus disease causing a $50,000,000 loss annually, the United States decided to eradicate the disease. Passage of public law 87-209 set in motion an eradication program that got a good start in 1961-2. As the program progresses, its main points will be: To achieve a high level of vaccination; To make all cases reportable to authorities; To quarantine affected hogs and premises; To require cleaning and disinfection of vehicles and facilities; To dispose of infected and exposed swine; To require heat treating of all garbage fed to swine; To prohibit the use, as a vaccine, of material capable of causing hog cholera; To control all shipments of hogs; and to inform the swine industry of hog cholera. This will be one of the largest animal disease eradication programs ever attempted in North America” (Encyclopaedia Britannica Book of the Year, 1963, 841).

Look out, “Babe” — they’re after you big time! At least they were back in 1963. Well, this all sounds well and good. How far did the Americans get in this altruistic endeavour? Not very far at all. They found it “extremely difficult” [read subtext “impossible”] to get the producers to comply with new regulations. And only a few years later we all read about the extraordinary outbreaks across the US of A of swine-flu fever!

Pigs are notorious for hosting dysentery-producing protozoa, coccidia, tape worms, pork bladder worms, the hydatid, roundworms, the intestinal threadworm, the thornheaded worm, nodular worm, the swine kidney worm, lug worms and of course trichinae (US Department of Agriculture Farmers Bulletin No. 1787). Add to this list hookworms, schitosoma japonicum, paragomines westermaini, paciolepsis buski, clonorchis sinensis, metastrongylus apri, giganthorinchus gigas, balatitidium coli, T.B., fusiformis necrofurus, salmonella cholera, paratyphoid, bruceellosis, swine erysipelas, smallpox, Japanese B-enceppahlitis, influenza, foot-mouth disease, and gastroenteritis for newborn babies and you have the making of an ultimate health disaster.

Our Lord Yeshua never gave two thoughts to sending demonic powers into a herd of swine, destroying them, and sending the local economy into immediate ruin (Mt 8.28-34). After all, it will be His melancholic duty to eradicate those who refuse to come under His Messianic authority over dietary issues at His Advent, believe it or not (Isa 66.15-17).

Certainly, major concern is presently mounting over completely new pig diseases, including a form of AIDS — PMWS: Post-weaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome — already recognised as spreading through the USA, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Ireland and the U.K. Like AIDS in human beings there is no effective cure. In the case of the U.K. where the disease was first diagnosed in 1999, 120 prime pig farms have so far been decimated. Concurrent with PMWS is circovirus (spread by pig consumption of same species faeces and nasal secretions; the name comes from the peculiarity that this family of viruses have their DNA in the form of a ring) and PDNS (Porcine Dermatitis and Nephropathy Syndrome, discovered in 1993) which closely resembles Classical Swine Fever and African Swine Fever, and like PMWS there is no cure on the horizon (Natalie Knudsen, PMWS: Does Circovirus Play a Role? Swine Practitioner, March/April 2000, 14-16; Drs. Allan, Kennedy, McNeilly, Foster, Ellis, Krakowka, Meehan, Adair, Experimental Reproduction of Severe Wasting Disease by Co-infection of Pigs with Porcine Circovirus and Porcine Parvovirus, Journal of Comparitive Pathology, Vol. 121, No.1 July 1999, 1-11).

The March 23, 1985 issue of Lancet includes a medical submission by Drs Amin Nanji and Samuel W. French entitled “Relationship Between Pork Consumption and Cirrhosis” wherein the authors stress the correlation not only between this liver disease and alcohol consumption but an equally demonstrable relationship between the same disease and eating pork. They studied beef as well but found no correlation. On page 683 it is stated: “We have shown that the amount of pork consumed correlates strongly with mortality from cirrhosis.” And what of the dreaded “C” word — cancer? It may very well be the case that the ancient wasting disease, fever and botch of Egypt referred to in the Hebrew Scriptures is none other than the cancer of today (see Dr N.S. Hhanoka, Bible Dietetics and Natural Agriculture). The results of a nine year study in the Moslem country of Turkey, where pork is forbidden, only 2.7% of hospitalised patients were suffering from cancer.

Pork — Indigestible! Pigs Designed for Another Purpose!

In Australia we have a saying: “If it moves, shoot it!” Most of us cannot agree with such a moronic sentiment. But we all seem to have the attitude, “If it can be cooked, eat it!”

Listen! Not all food on the hoof was originally created to be eaten by man. Leaving the testimony of Scripture aside momentarily there is scientific evidence to back up ancient claims about the starlet of the hit film “Babe”!

The pig, we have come to realise, is an efficient producer of flesh. In fact, it is due to its unique digestive system that the pig can gain massive weight so rapidly. Unlike the cow (whose digestive system allows it to turn grass and grain into flesh over a period of 24 hours) the pig takes only about 3 hours to do the same job — not with grain and grass — but in its consumption of muck, garbage and poison. If you know anything about cattle and sheep you will realise that for all practical purposes they have three stomachs. Pigs, which have a single stomach, are ready to be butchered in 3 to 6 months while calves take upwards of 18 months to become ready for market.

Scientific authorities who have tested meat have found that lamb is more digestible than beef. Fried pork chops, ham and bacon are the slowest of all meats to digest. These facts are determined by the rate at which meat passes from the stomach (see Food and Principles of Dietetics, 364). Pig meat also contains excessive quantities of amounts of histamine and imidazole compounds which result in skin inflammation and itching, sulphur containing mesenchymal mucous which leads to rheumatism and arthritis with swelling in both tendon and cartilage. Gallstones and obesity can result from the pig’s high cholesterol and saturated fat content.

The circulation of blood in the pig is sluggish. The pig also carries a large layer of pure fat. In some pigs it has been examined and found to be at least 6 inches thick! This layer of fat is laced with toxins. Yet, we deem it a delicacy. This layer of fat can even protect the scavenger pig from snake bites. The pig is not immune from the poison injected by even a red-bellied black snake, as one farmer we know on the local scene has verified. But the poison takes so long to penetrate the bloodstream, because of the fat layer, that it is actually rendered harmless by the time it is finally absorbed. “It is more difficult to bleed a hog than any other domestic animal” (Meat and Meat Products, 69).

The pig was designed and created to be a scavenger. It was made to clean the farmyard of rotting filth, slops and refuse. The pig literally feeds on garbage! It has come to us with a very special sewerage system through which it is able to properly eliminate excess toxic waste. The pig is a veritable walking garbage disposal unit. Through two small openings or abrasions on each foreleg the pig pours forth a pus-like syrup of waste matter and toxins. These openings are located just above the hoof. Again, this area happens to be the centre of the most delicate of tastes for those who do not know any better. It’s been called “the original pork gravy”!

This animal carries a concentrated volume of disease and untreated infection around with it and we help ourselves — each time we sit down to a meal of pig, or to suck and slurp out this polluted, offensive, dirty swill from its pickled feet — to a steady, delicious and delectable diet of its accumulated filth. And we don’t stop there, do we? We turn the pigs head into head cheese, use its blood for black pudding, its intestines for sausage covers, its heart, kidneys, liver and lungs find their way into pork pies, we pickle its feet, turn its fat into lard for cooking and baking biscuits, its stomach into tripe, and turn the rest of its body into a variety of succulent tastes for every occasion from pork, to baked spare ribs, to ham, to bacon. Then we use its bristles for toothbrushes, tooth picks and wax ends, and inject ourselves with insulin for diabetes!

  • And we wonder WHY we get sick!

Butchers talk about “curing” pigs before they give select cuts the pride of place in their shop windows. And, of course, the old argument surfaces at this juncture: “What about Australian pig farming conditions? Are we not more advanced in the ‘science’ of pig-culture? We take care of the pig’s diet for it! They get fed with a special diet of hormones and rich grains, not just slops and recycled garbage! Surely this makes a huge difference?”

No, actually, it doesn’t! Feeding a pig a steady diet of clean, mixed grain does not change its basic physiological or internal chemical laboratory. Feeding a pig a certain amount of grain, or keeping it in ultra clean conditions, cannot change the fact — and the pig farmers know it — that the pig is a natural flesh eater, that the pig is a natural scavenger, and more importantly, that the pig is a natural reservoir of accumulated fat-poison — and that the pig is not only enormously difficult to digest but its very FLESH is toxic and must be “cured.” The pig has a digestive system very different from other animals! And, as has been recently discovered, pigs contain viruses built into their genes. One report stated:

“Genes from an animal virus could mingle with those of a human virus in an organ recipient, creating a hybrid virus with unpredictable behaviour. Keeping animals isolated from infection may not be enough. Some viruses scientists are concerned about aren’t caught: they’re inherited. They’re just part of being a pig… that’s because, eons ago, these viruses infected the ancestors of modern pigs and planted their DNA in sperm and egg cells. As a result, the virus genes mingled with the pig genes and are now passed on through the generations” (Los Angeles Times, 15/6/97).

It must be admitted that cooking or “curing” pork thoroughly can, of course, destroy bacteria. What health authorities fail to mention, however, is the fact that in pig products other forms of bacteria actually thrive on excessive temperatures! A current U.S. Department of Agriculture booklet stated that “In a series of 24 cases of trichinosis reported recently, 22… resulted from ‘cooked pork.'” It was also reported in another case that 40% of a swine’s flesh had been tested for trichinae and was subsequently found to be infested but after the removal of cysts (eggs) the remainder was approved and sold to the public, even though the inside of the carcass was not inspected. Another horror story doing the rounds in a medical volume tells of a mortician who was questioned about a particular autopsy. He had discovered her head was full of worms. When asked if he had written that fact down on the death certificate he laughed. “Would you want to be told that your dearly departed had her head full of worms?” he retorted. Instead he stayed within the rules of an autopsy and noted cause of death as a “heart infarction” as the trichinae had infested the heart muscle of the deceased.

Not only so, but God gave instructions for mankind not to even touch the carcass of a swine (Lev 11.8). All abattoirs agree with this assessment for standard instruction for slaughter procedures insist that operators are not allowed to kill other animals after pigs have been slaughtered. The abattoir must first be scrubbed and all floors and freezers used for pig carcasses disinfected! The abattoir must stand idle for 48 hours.

The Pork Tapeworm Conquers — Even Orthodox Jewish Families Not Immune

Associated Press (AP): Boston “It was a mystery: How could Orthodox Jews who keep kosher in New York City catch tapeworms that usually afflict people who eat pork in Central America? Forget the patient’s medical history. In every case, the common denominator was a baby sitter or housekeeper.

“The affair came to light last summer when a 6-year-old Brooklyn boy was stricken with a seizure while his family drove to the New Jersey shore. They turned around and took him to New York University Medical Centre, where doctors feared he had a brain tumour.

“The youngster was scheduled for neurosurgery when Dr Jose Munoz, a paediatrician who specialises in infectious diseases, found the real cause. A CT scan showed two cysts in the boy’s brain. They were the larval stage of taenia solium – the pork tapeworm.

“The tapeworm is common in parts of Mexico and elsewhere in Central America, where people get it from eating poorly cooked infected pigs. But…this boy’s family followed Jewish dietary rules. They never touched pork. Americans also sometimes get the worm when they go to places where it is common. However, this patient and his family had not traveled.

“Dr Deborah Persaud questioned the boy’s mother and discovered the family had used 16 different baby sitters from Central America. “We were initially very confused,” Munoz said. “But by the end of the first day, there was no doubt that was what had to be going on.”

“Munoz called Dr Peter Schantz, an authority on parasitic diseases at the U.S. Centres for Disease Control. During that summer, Schantz heard of two other cases of the tapeworm from Orthodox Jewish families in the same part of Brooklyn, and he learned of another case there that had been treated a year earlier.

“Schantz and two CDC colleagues conducted a formal investigation. Starting with the four initial victims, they checked 17 immediate family members and found that seven from two families also had been exposed to the tapeworm. Schantz, Munoz and other doctors involved wrote up their findings for today’s New England Journal of Medicine. The doctors believe that in each case, housekeepers unknowingly carried tapeworms in their intestines and contaminated the family’s food with worm eggs. People’s skin, clothing and dirt under their fingernails can harbour the eggs.

“In the section of Brooklyn where the outbreak occurred, most of the 6000 or so families employ housekeepers, and about 90% of them are from Latin American countries where the tapeworm is common. The researchers noted that people who carry the tapeworms and risk infecting others can be cured with a single dose of the drug praziquantel.”

Meanwhile, Jane Cahill of the illustrious journal Biblical Archaeological Review, examined toilets in a Jerusalem Jewish household and discovered there was a complete absence of parasites or infectious agents. Pollen was present from the fruit and vegetables consumed. This was in contradistinction to Egyptian toilets where she uncovered evidence of schistosomatrichinella, wire worm and tapeworms which are found of course in their host, “Babe.”

Ancient World, and the Jews, Knew About the Peril of Pig

The 2500 year old Confucian Book of Rites tells us, “A gentleman does not eat the flesh of pigs and dogs.” The patriarch Noah, thousands of years ago also recognised the fact that certain animals were not fit for human consumption (Gen 7.2). Many years later, after the Deluge, the Hebrew Moses classified certain animals as ceremonially “clean” and “unclean” with the latter to be avoided — including the pig (Lev 11.7; Deut 14.8). Fat and blood were also considered “unclean”  (Lev 3.17; 7.23; Deut 12.16). The ancient peoples thought of swine as an abomination (Isa 65.4; 66.15-17). Even to give a sort-of pig flavour to soups and other dishes was looked upon in the same light (Isa 65.4).

Needless to say, as a result of scrupulously observing Torah regulations pertaining to abstinence from what God created as “unclean” Israel experienced a national fitness and health condition within its borders unsurpassed by any nation since. In fact, when the Black Plague swept through Europe and countless millions perished, the Jews were persecuted as being the instigators of the dreaded holocaust. Why? Because so few Jews — if any — died from the disease.

Indeed, as far as modern medicine is concerned, science is 4000 years behind the times! Modern physicians are amazed at how up-to-date the health regulations and principles contained in the pages of the Torah (and the Hebrew Scriptures as a whole) really is. When it comes to matters pertaining to health, cleanliness, and personal hygiene the principles found in these Sacred Writings (if consistently applied) would bring an abrupt end to the plagues of devastating disease and senseless suffering that we witness in the world around us (refer Professor Rendle Short, MD., FRCS, The Bible and Modern Medicine, 1953; S.I. McMillen MD, None of These Diseases, 1963).

Isn’t it about time we began changing our personal hygiene and eating habits? Isn’t it about time we began to shoulder responsibility in matters relating to our children’s health care? Do we love our kids enough to teach them proper principles of living and health care? We surrendered that responsibility to the medical profession a long time ago and they were so eager then to assume the mantle.

Let’s take it back! We are so ignorant of HOW we work ourselves — it is high time we began to educate ourselves into basic knowledge about the way our bodies (our anatomy and physiology and biology), and our minds, function. Let us START NOW to change our lust-filled and gluttonous attitudes toward diet, before its forever too late. Good resounding health comes about as a result of OBEYING sound advice given to us in God’s instruction manual, the Bible. Unfortun-ately, most Christians are of the ignorant opinion that the Torah has somehow been “done away in Christ” — the exact opposite position of what He Himself taught (Mt 5.17-20).

We deserve to suffer if we flagrantly (wilfully and knowingly) BREAK the LAWS regulating vibrant health and wellbeing, once we are familiar with them. But we DESERVE to live once we begin to put into practice the principles governing our physical health and essential wellbeing. By returning to the WORD OF GOD as the foundation of all true knowledge Messiah’s students will be returning to the fundamental foundational guidelines of positive, productive and healthful living.

Let’s make a start by giving pork and pig products a miss.