Called to BLESS Israel

Ruth Murdoch is a supporter of the aims and goals of the BRI/IMCF and is heavily involved with other Messianic groups who wish to share the Gospel with the Jewish people.

Ruth lives on the beautiful central coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Called to Bless Israel.

Eyes to See, Ears to Hear, and Hands to Touch

How my heart aches for the Gentile Church
to know that G-d’s vision has not changed.
If He has forgotten His ancient people
then His Word holds no truth.

How many have been faithful to give them
eyes to see G-d’s love or ears to hear
the message of His sacrifice?
Do many hands reach out to touch their hearts?

The church does not fully understand
G-d’s special purpose to bring
His ancient people to His throne of Grace.
Those who have been given this revelation are
challenged to have strong faith, love and
patience to overcome rejection from their own.
Take heart He WILL bring His purposes to
fulfillment which will bring glory to His Name.

– Ruth