American Power & Jewish Influence

The twentieth century witnessed the sudden and awesome rise of the United States of America as a world power enshrouded with a prosperity such as has characterised no previous civilisation in world history. Seven percent of the world’s population possesses, and enjoys, 94% of the world’s wealth. Centred in the United States is an immense and sturdy manufacturing capacity, military production and financial power. America has been blessed beyond belief despite the profligacy of its national natural resources and its contemptuous disregard of biblical moral standards. Indeed, American Edomites today are in the lead as star protagonists brutally raping the planet of its remaining natural resources and ravishing the face of the globe for the last of its timber, oil, minerals, and gold. While Australian Edomites call for an end to unbridled consumerism and insist on appropriate environmental solutions to our world in crisis, the Americans wallow in their haughtiness and overtly confident sense of superiority as industrial giants scrape the muddy bottom of the oceans and the cold surface of the moon for new untapped treasuries and storehouses of unclaimed wealth and fortune. Not content with denuding Earth’s natural resources, America looks to colonise Mars and to reverse its present desolate state imaginatively transforming its barren wastelands into our original Eden. A military base on Mars will be a propos-ition yet to surface.

All this, and more, as the world’s food resources shrink beyond belief and the spectre of global famine stalks the Earth.

The USA proudly and arrogantly flies the “Stars and Stripes” of ancient Edomite power, and rules the waves under the symbol of the Edomite eagle. Moreover, typically Edomite by nature she eagerly commits “porneia” with all political and economic newcomers along with the rabble of the earth. Certainly, the Pentagon was built with German “know-how.” So was the aerospace industry, and the top-secret mind control psychiatric and medical experimental programs (some details of which are beginning now to leak out into the public domain).

Under cover of darkness — under the official secrecy act and the code name “Paperclip”– from 1945, at war’s end, through to 1952 the U.S. military smuggled into America over 642 nazi murderers, scientists, missile and rocket experts, chemists, munition wizards and their families, gave them new identities and relocated them in strategic positions of influence and power in aerospace programs, universities, armament and aircraft factories, elite defense and warfare hardware manufacturing organisations (Clarence Lasby, Switzerland: Project Paperclip. German Scientists and the Cold War, 1971. See also Saturday Review, Dec 11, 1971 “Project Paperclip,” 5). The segregated, then-racist states of the south and the southwest — Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Nevada, New Mexico, California — were natural habitats for imported Germans bred and reared on Mein Kampf. Indeed, as early as 1943 — a full two years before World War ll ended and while young Allied soldiers were “dying for their country” on the bloodied battlefields of German Occupied swastika-covered Europe, and in the sand dunes and deserts of Africa — Allen Dulles (head of the American spy agency OSS which later evolved into the infamous CIA) was stealthily and covertly making arrangements with Nazi arms experts and scientists, on neutral Swiss soil, to remove them to the democratic free world — mainly the U.S. The Edomite British did not fare much better in character. Martin Borman was already making plans with a secret agency to hitch a ride to England, and Australia and Canada opened their doors until the late 50s to German and east-European Nazi war criminals.

The United States lectures the world continuously and monotonously regarding the brilliance and innate glory of their
Masonic Constitution and agitates over issues of “world peace,” “freedom,” “free speech,” and the fundamental right of independent sovereign nations to democratic political elections, yet all the while her espionage networks spy out their Allied neighbours, engage in clandestine political activities, stir revolts, work to overthrow governments (democratically elected or otherwise) and engineer political change — and all this to both politically and economically benefit and assuage her own colossal “Lamb/Tyrannosaurus Rex” psychological profile (Rev 13.11).

The Scarlet Edomite is coldly manipulative, like her British Mother, and seeks to dominate the world’s masses — if not successfully through movies, Big Brand softdrinks, and a certain type of hamburger — then through the agency of trepidation and terror. To do so she must fix public attention onto an “evil empire” as the ultimate embodiment of chilling Satanic darkness. This psychoses first manifested in 1917 as “the Hun.” Then it was Nazi Germany, followed by the Stalinist Soviet Union. Propaganda about the Cold War and Communist threat kept over two hundred million Americans in check for decades. With the advent of Perestroika and the inevitable collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Vietnam materialised and then Iraq arose to fill the vacuum, quickly followed by Afghanistan. It was Saddam Hussein
plugging the space once occupied by Kaiser Bill, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Nikita Kruschev, and Ho Chi Minh. Saddam was unquestionably a tyrant and some believe he was insane, as were Wilhelm (perhaps), Adolf (without question), Josef (who can argue?) and (maybe) Nikita. After the demise of Saddam came the next “Satan” — Bin Laden. But this lecturer believes the USA poses a greater threat to the freedom of the Earth than ANY of the aforementioned world powers.
Republican Democracy in America is fast giving way to a gravitated slide into a form of “democratic” Fascism, and any fool can see it for themselves if they look closely and carefully enough. No, Republican Democracy and Democratic Fascism share a comfortable bed with Democratic Socialism and are not contradictions in terms.

Certainly, around her neck at all times is the creeping paralysis of the morbid preoccupation with self-indulgence. The
Edomite nations of the modern world — whether America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or the democracies of northwestern Europe — have sank into the godless darkness of materialistic secularism. The personal God of Wesley and Hudson Taylor was eventually toppled by Moloch and Ashteroth. Now these gods have been dis-placed with religious indifference, except for the pagan holiday celebrations of Xmas and Easter. The hypocrite Edom always had two faces. Today’s modern Edomites are no different. They are masters at not publicly offending their secret enemies, while they plot behind the scenes to destroy governments allied to them with alliances and treaties that can ever only work to further American interests. Look at Australia in 1975. Their aim? Ultimate capitalist control — the real basis and foundation of all power.

The Mother of America — British (Barat) power — was emblazoned not only on large maps of the world in the school classroom when I was a child, but on my own bedroom wall, and on which the British (Barat) Empire was coloured red, and occasionally pink, proudly showing the iron Empire on which God’s sun never set. The Barats conquered the world and enslaved it to Queen Victoria’s curious whims and fancies. Her strawberry-blonde and redheaded “Red Coats” brought Pax Britannia (the Phoenician Peace) at the point of the sword, rifle and bayonet and through the agency, when force failed, of intrusive missionaries. Intriguing to ponder, having said all this, the debt Americans owe to their Jewish kinsmen. It staggers the imagination! 

President Woodrow Wilson noted that “the laws of Moses as well as the laws of Rome [Edom] contributed suggestion and impulse to the men and institutions which were to prepare the modern world [and the American experience]; and if we could but have the eyes to see the subtle elements of thought which constitute the gross substance of our present habit, both as regards the sphere of private life and as regards the action of the [American] state, we should easily discover how very much besides religion we owe to the Jew” (cited in Joseph Jacobs, Jewish Contributions to Civilisation, 1919, 66).

In contrast to Woodrow Wilson, and reflecting on Washington’s apprehensions concerning the Messianic Jewish revolutionary spirit, the sometimes suggested anti-Semite Rosicrucian Benjamin Franklin stated in 1787: “I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews. In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within the state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.

“For over 1700 years, the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, as
they call Palestine. But gentlemen, did the world give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some reason for not returning. Why? Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live only among them-selves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.

“If you do not exclude them from these United States, in their Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed
here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, our substance, and jeopardised our liberty.

“If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.

“Jews, gentlemen, are Asiatics, let them be born where they will nor how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an American’s, and will not even though they live among us for ten generations. A leopard cannot change its spots. Jews are Asiatics, are a menace to this country if permitted entrance,
and should be excluded by this Constitutional Convention” (Philadelphian Constitutional Convention. While modern historians negate this quotation as entirely spurious, the original documentation to prove this assertion one way or the other has conveniently disappeared. This lecturer includes the quotation in the public interest as accepted until absolute proof is forthcoming of its lack of authenticity).

Other Masonic patriots associated with the writing of the American Constitution shared Franklin’s anti-Semitic scare tactics and apprehensions. They conveniently forgot that Christopher Columbus was Jewish. So was his interpreter, Luis de Torres, the first man in his fleet to tread the soil of America at San Salvador; and his surgeon, Marco, was also Jewish; so also was his physician, Bernal. It was a Jew, Rodrigo de Triana, on board his vessel who first sighted the New Land. But had it not been for Jewish influence at the Royal Court of the anti-Semitic Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand — Louis de Santangel (chancellor), Gabriel Sanches (chief treasurer of Aragon), and Cuan Cabrero (the king’s chamberlain) — the expedition of discovery would never have been launched in 1492. In fact it was Santangel who financed the outfitting of three vessels for Columbus to the tune of 17,000 florins. According to the research of Charles L. Feinberg,

“The Jews were among the best mapmakers and astronomers in Portugal and Spain, and they helped to provide Columbus with tools of navigation. The sea-quadrant [commonly credited to a certain Regio-montanus] was [actually] invented by Levi ben Gerson. Jehuda Cresquea drew the map that Columbus’s navigator used. The success of the journey was attributed to Abraham ibn Ezra’s knowledge and work in astronomy and navigation. Abraham ben Samuel Zacuto, the most famous map-maker in Spain, who was also attached to the royal court, made the astronomical tables that guided Columbus through unknown seas. Yet in 1492 the Spanish monarchs ordered their 300,000 Jewish subjects either to adopt Christianity or leave the country. Most chose exile. Within five years Portugal expelled them as well. Since then neither nation has been a major power in the world” (quoted in McCall, op cit., 68 emphasis mine).

As far as the New Masonic Colonies of America are concerned, Jacob saw the New World as an awesome opportunity to “seize the day.” Seize the day he most certainly did! The Jewish people have always and invariably hitched their progress side-saddled to their brother Edom. Strange bed partners? Not by any means. Despite sibling rivalry, twins are known to get along famously, like no other family members.

In 1654 the first Jewish settlers arrived in New Amsterdam from the Jewish settlement in Recife, Brazil Rhode Island, under Roger Williams, was settled by Jews from Holland, Poland, Spain, Portugal — and which region produced the chief shipping merchant on the eastern seaboard, Aaron Lopez.

By 1776 there were 2500 Jews in the thirteen colonies.

During the War of Independence Mordecai Sheftall was the leader of the revolutionary committee of Georgia, captured by the British in 1778. Benjamin Nones, a French Jew, enlisted as a private and rose to the rank of major. He was given a citation for “the bravery and courage which a military man is expected to show for the liberties of his country.”

Jews were instrumental in financing the American Revolution. Isaac Moses (Philadelphia) and Jacob Hart, Sr. (Baltimore) made personal loans available to the government. In like manner Polish immigrant, Haym Solomon, was arrested by the British as a spy and member of the Sons of Liberty. He escaped and convinced the Hessian mercenaries to defect from the Red Coats. Close to arrest again, he escaped from the British and arrived penniless in Philadelphia. He became a broker and raised $200,000 to aid the financing of the War. Of course, he was never remunerated for his efforts.

Rabbi Gershom Mendez Seixas exhorted his entire congregation to leave New York with George Washington, arguing that it would be better under the Americans than the British. It wasn’t until 1783 with the expulsion of the British forces from New York, that they were able to return and pick up where they abruptly left off. His loyalty to Washington, and his finances, helped the future American President to continue. Rabbi Seixas was one of the ministers who inaugurated Washington into Office.

Commodore Uriah Phillips Levy worked feverishly to outlaw flogging.

Rabbi David Einhorn fought in the antislavery movement.

During the Civil War most Jews of the north and west were supporters of Lincoln. Seven Jews were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor — the nation’s highest military decoration.

German Jews fought for freedom in 1836 with the Texans at the Alamo, with American folk heroes, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett.

And, despite what we might think of William Clinton, who (some insist) appears to be a direct descendant of Roman Emperor Nero and his Jewish wife, the then-Presidency of the United States governed the most productive decline of a modern Edomite power ever! I say “productive decline” because America continues to enjoy perhaps the greatest standard of living ever witnessed in American history, and yet is plainly declining in both character and opportunity far more rapidly than the Roman Empire. Clinton’s America enjoyed unparalleled prosperity largely due to the fact that Clinton’s Cabinet was literally run by the Jewish people! Consider,

Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State; Robert Rubin, Secretary of Treasury; William Cohen, Secretary of Defense; Dan Glickman, Secretary of Agriculture; George Tenet, CIA Chief; Samuel Berger, Head National Security Council; Evelyn Lieberman, Deputy Chief of Staff; Stuart Eizenstat, Under Secretary of State; Charlene Barshefsky, U.S. Trade Representative; Susan Thomases, Aide to First Lady; Joel Klein, Assistant Attorney GeneralDeputy White House Counsel; Gene Sperling, National Economic Council; Ira Magaziner, National Health Care; Peter Tarnoff, Deputy Secretary of State; Alice Rivlin, Economic Advisory; Janet Yellen, Chairwoman – National Economic Council; Rahm Emanuel, Policy Advisor; Doug Sosnik, Counsel to President; Jim Steinberg, Deputy to National Security Chief; Jay Footlik, Special Liason to the Jewish Community; Robert Nash, Personal Chief; Jane Sherburne, President’s Lawyer; Mark Penn, Asia Expert to NECPresidential Pollster; Sandy Kristoff, Health Care Chief; Robert Boorstin, Communications Aide; Keith Boykin, Communications Aide; Jeff Eller, Special Assistant to Clinton; Tom Epstein, Health Care Adviser; Judith Feder, National Security Council; Richard Feinberg, Assistant Secretary Veterans; Hershel Gober, Food & Drug Administration; Steve Kessler, White House Counsel; Ron Klein, Assistant Secretary Education; Madeleine Kunin, Communications Aide; David Kusnet, Dept. AIDS Program; Margaret Hamburg, Dir. Press Conferences; Many Grunwald, Liason to Jewish Leaders; Karen Adler, Dir. State Dept. Policy; Samuel Lewis, National Security Council; Stanley Ross, National Security Council; Dan Schifter, Director Peace Corp; Eli Segal, Deputy Chief of Staff; Alan Greenspan, Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank; Robert Weiner, Drug Policy Coordinator; Jack Lew, Deputy Director Management & Budget; James P. Rubin, Under Secretary of State; David Lipton, Under Secretary of the Treasury; Lanny P. Breuer, Special Counsel to the President; Richard Holbrooke, Special Representative to NATO; Kenneth Apfel, Chief of Social Security; Sidney Blumenthal, Special Adviser to First Lady; David Kessler, Chief of Food & Drug Administration; Seth Waxman, Acting Solicitor General; Dennis Ross, Special Middle East Representative; Howard Shapiro, General Counsel for the FBI; Lanny Davis, White House Special Counsel; Sally Katzen, Secretary of Management & Budget; Kathleen Koch, Heads FBI Equal Opportunity Office; John Podesta, Deputy Chief of Staff; Alan Blinder, Vice Chairman of Federal Reserve; Ron Klain, Chief of Staff for Al Gore.

I have not included in this list lower staff levels. And, then, there are US Ambassadors.

Kenneth S. Yalowitz (Belarus); Alan J. Blinken (Belgium); Curt W. Kamman (Bolivia); Melvyn Levitsky (Brazil); Gordon Giffin (Canada); Michael G. Kozak (Cuba); Edward E. Elson (Denmark); Daniel C. Kurtzer (Egypt); Felix Rohatyn (France); John C. Kornblum (Germany); Donald M. Blinken (Hungary); Frank G. Wisner (India); Jeffrey Davidow (Mexico); Marc C. Ginsberg (Morocco); Josiah H. Beeman (New Zealand); David B. Hermelin (Norway); Daniel Fried (Poland); Alfred H. Moses (Romania); Timothy A. Chorba (Singapore); James A. Joseph (South Africa); Thomas L. Siebert (Sweden); Madeleine M. Kunin (Switzerland); Marc Grossman (Turkey);  Arlene Render (Zambia).

There can be little doubt Jacob is intimately linked together with Esau in the pursuit of world domination — yet this was
prophesied, as we have seen, thousands of years ago. Some commentators, including Israeli newspapers, believe that the US has created a dangerous precedent in the massive concentration of Jewish power within its government offices. Indeed, for the first time in history Jacob can now exert unbridled influence in order to promote his own special agendas, whatever they may happen to be. We should all bear in mind that in the case of the above mentioned US Ambassadors, they are all (without exception) members of powerful pro-Israel organisations. It is now categorically impossible for America to show thoughtful and neutral concern for the socio-politico-economic programmes and commercial interests of other nations. 

The day is dawning, however, when Esau will soon “throw off” his brother’s yoke “from off his neck.” It was prophesied.

‘Your dwelling will be away
from the earth’s richness [of Canaan],
away from the dew of heaven above [Canaan].
You will live by the sword
and you will serve your brother.
But when you grow restless,
roving at large,
you will throw his yoke
from off your neck’

(Genesis 26.34,35; 27.1-40).


We have noted that Jewish contribution in any field of endeavour can be positive or it can be negative. History plainly shows us that the Jewish people have contributed their remarkable talents for good and for evil. And why not? The Jewish people as descendants of Judah, a son of Jacob (whose name was later changed to Israel), are the Chosen People of God. Some Gentile Christians — and indeed some Jews — may not like this appraisal, but as we have said in another place, God’s sovereignty in election is something concerning which the LORD of all never repents (Rom 11.28,29).

Of course, in Jewish thoughtform, to be “Chosen” by God does not mean that everyone else is especially “unchosen.” The latter concept is derived from Tertullian’s Latin Churchianity, and is devoid of God. The Jewish religion is universalistic in character and in tone. Indeed, the Jewish people look forward to the day when the Biblical injunction from the Psalms, “Let all that has breath praise Him” will come into an eventuation. 

Very few Christians understand that the Jewish festival of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) which is held annually around
September/October is celebrated by Israel FOR and ON BEHALF OF the nations (goyim) which do not as yet know God. Further, in the days of Moses right up to the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans 70 bullocks were sacrificed
during this feast FOR THE NATIONS of the world. Moreover, during the feast Jews would wave tree branches in every direction as intercessors before God for the nations. The Jewish rabbis know full well that the day will come when all nations will embrace the Torah (i.e., those portions ascribed to them), and the Messiah, and HaShem and enter into a union with Him in SPIRIT, although how this will be accomplished remains, to them, a mystery.

It was no mystery to the prophets, and it was no mystery to the rabbi, Rav Shaul (the emissary Paul). The prophets, and especially Zechariah, foresaw the end of the age and the State of Israel’s rise to a prominence amongst the hostile Gentile Nations. Zechariah even beheld the Ruach haKodesh falling upon the city of Jerusalem and its inhabitants — essentially, Jews and Arabs and tourists who happen to be in the environment at that moment — and becoming the recipients of the Spirit of the Living God. Israel’s “Ingathering” will be HaShem’s divine accomplishment. Having said this, God’s plans for the world will not be achieved without the State of Israel.

Let’s be entirely candid! Of and by itself, to be one of Abraham’s seed is nothing. For anyone to put his or her trust in their
genetic ancestry for salvation rather than in God’s Grace, is beyond sheer folly. It is rather — utter madness. Paul under-stood this, and wrote of it (Gal 5.6). Yet Paul also expounds the complimentary truth, ignored by those who hold that the church has taken Israel’s place in God’s scheme of things and that in essence, the Jews foiled God’s plan and purpose for them as the Chosen People, that there is enormous advantage in being a Jew. In Romans 3.1,2 Paul teaches that in looking at the Jew God recalls His words which He entrusted to Father Abraham and his sons.

To one outstanding scholar, Paul’s special importance assigned to the Jewish race appears artificial. He goes on to enunciate that if the promise means future blessedness for “Israel,” then the heir of this promise is either historic Israel or the mystical Body of Mashiach — in which NO race demands a priority as far as place is concerned. Paul, he feels, tries to have it “both ways.”

I must resort to resolute language. Any interpretation of this sort emasculates Rav Shaul’s message for it is taken out of its (Jewish) prophetic context, and dwarfs Paul’s message of our great and mighty God — a fearless God Who refuses to bow His knee to A-millennialist demonic interpretations of Scripture, and Who laughs in the face of the “Christian” scholar who espouses a Replacement Theology.

Listen! Israel HAS resurfaced as a nation; Israel HAS revived as a State in her own right; with thanks to Rothschild legally purchasing land back from Arabs, Israelites HAVE been returning to their Land in overwhelming numbers, especially from Russia; Israel IS exercising her right to a free and democratic existence surrounded with Mideast hostility and Euro tension, as foretold by the prophets; Israel WILL build the Third Temple and restore the Mosaic economy as foretold by the prophets; Israel WILL restore the Kingdom of David and the Throne of David; Israel WILL accept her Mashiach and King, Yeshua, prior to His Advent in the clouds of heaven above. Israel WILL become an economic giant and yet bless the world with untold riches.

Which of these FACTS do A-millennialists and “Replacement” theologians have difficulty in accepting?

I have said that the Jewish people have contributed much in the way of variegated blessing to the world, and especially to the modern Edomite nations. While the Hamitic peoples have been masterfully inventive, consider for a moment a small segment of selected Jewish contribution from science to entertainment. 


Albert Einstein (herald of the atomic age), Dr Albert Sabin (polio-vaccine), Dr Jonas Salk (polio-vaccine), Robert J.
Oppenheimer (physicist/first Atom bomb), Emil Berliner (phonograph records; microphone/which made possible the invention of the telephone & radio), Karl Landsteiner (blood types/thus transfusions), Rabbi Levi ben Gershom (discovered photography in the 14th century and gave us his ‘camera obscura’ and a navigational device called ‘Jacob’s Staff’ in use for over 400 years), Samuel Finkelstein (discovered oxygen and 45 other elements), Waldemar Haffkine (serums against cholera and the bubonic plague), August Wassermann (test for syphillis), Paul Ehrlich (salversan [cure for syphillis]/Wassermann test), Cesare Lombroso (criminal heredity & relationship between lunacy and genius), Ferdinand Cohen (bacteriology), Moritz Romberg (neurology), Gerson Weisberg (teflon coating), O. Minkowski (insulin for diabetes), Selman Abraham Waksman (streptomycin/coined the word ‘antibiotic’), Moritz Schiff (cretinism & thyroid irregularity), Heinrich Hertz (electromagnetic waves), Philipp Reiss (electric telephone in 1860 a full 17 years before Graham Bell), Siegfried Marcus (first benzine automobile in 1875), David Schwarz (first rigid airship), Ludovic Zamenhof (Esperanto), Julius Reuter (accurate, independent, objective news), Casimir Funk (vitamins), Bela Schick (injector razors), Sir William Herschel (discovered Uranus in 1781), Benno Strauss (stainless steel), Max Planck (quanta theory), Niels Bohr (phsyicist), David Bohm (physicist), Gregory Pinchus (birth control pill), George Cantor (mathematician; father of modern set theory), Emile Durkheim (sociology pioneer), Stephen Jay Gould (palentologist & evolutionary biologist), Carl Sagan (popular astronomer), Sakharov (Soviet A bomb), Edward Teller (father of the ‘H’ bomb), Robert Hofstadter (measured size of proton), Edmund Husserl (phenomenology), Pedro Nunes (invented the nonius), Mario Schemberg (physicist/Urca effect), Ludwig L.Zamenhof (Esperanto), Leo Szilard (cyberneticist, physicist), Amato Lusitano (discovered blood vessels), Joseph Steinberg (invented the question mark), Norbert Vinner [Weiner] (cybernetics), John Von Neumann (mathematician), Albert Michelson (physicist).


Boris Pasternak, Immanuel Kant, Dorothy Rothschild Parker, Herman Wouk, Joseph Heller, Martin Buber, Erica Jong, Baruch Spinoza, Samuel Alexander, Joseph Jacobs, Arthur Miller, Immanuel Velikovsky, Paula Gosling, Philo Judaeaus, Sarah Millin, Marcel Proust, Josephus Flavius, Andre Maurois, Siegfried Sassoon, Humbert Wolf, Edna Ferber, Gertrude Stein, Fanny Hurst, Josef Brodski, J.D. Salinger, Saul Bellow, Marcel Proust, Jack Kerouac, Herbert Gold, Norman Mailer, Irving Stone, Irving Wallace, Harold Robbins, Allen Ginsberg, Max Beerbohm, Phillip Guedella, Heinrich Heine, Michael Crichton, Sir Francis Palgrave, Sir Sidney Low, Sir Sidney Lee, George Brandes, J.D. Salinger, Louis Untermeyer, Sidney Sheldon, Dorothy Parker, Neil Simon, Shmuel Yosef Agnon, Sholom Alechem, Jonahan Kellerman, Henri Bergson, Yehuda Amichai, John Steinbeck, Miguel de Cervantes, Jeffrey Archer, Isaac Asimov, Leon Uris, Paul Auster, Carl Bernstein, Anita Diamant, Omar Chaim, Maxim Gorgi, Stephen King, Arthur Koestler, Emma Lazarus, Ayn Rand, Jean Amery, Dr Theodore Seuss Geisel, Moses Mendelssohn, Franz Kafka, Judah Halevy, Gabriel Garcia  Marquez (Columbian Nobel), Tirso de Molina (Gabriel Tellez; Spanish playwrite).


Yeshua the Messiah, Paul the Apostle, Sabbatai Zevi, Moses, Mohammed (Jewish mother), Hiram Abiff (Freemasonry), Calvin (Cauin/Cohen), Anton La’vey (Church of Satan).


Alicia Markova, Maya Plisetskaya, Camille Pissarro, Judith Abramovitz Carson, Frida Kahlo, Vlastimil Brodsky, Jan Werich, Roy Lichtenstein, William Rothenstein, Max Liebermann, Chaim Soutine, Simon Lewi, M.C. Escher, Milos Kopecky, Jacob Epstein, George Gross, Saul Steinberg, Leon Kroll, Jacques Lipschitz, Larry Rivers, Camille Pissaro, Mark Rothco, Amadeo Modigliani, Yaakov Agam, Pierre Alechinsky, Man Ray, Bernard Berenson, Lyn Corky Batsonstein, Marc Chagall, Emanuel Manasse, Pat Neujean, Giacomo Meyerbeer (created Grand Opera), Jerome Robbins.

Christopher Columbus, Louis de Torez, Abraham Zacuto, Buzz Aldrin, David Baltimore (biologist), Yuri Gagarin.

Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, Bill Kornhauser, Uri Geller, David Blaine.

Baron Philippe De Rothschilde; Lindemans; Schapiro House; Royal Kedem; Hagafen Cellars; Domain Gilbert; Daltons; Carmel; Abarbanel. 

Abe Croft, Johan Cruyff, Gretl Bergmann, Steve Stone, Mark Spitz, Danny Allouche, Mitchell Cooper, Oded Kotash, Richard Karno, Jim Grabb, Sarah Kalitsky, Guy Forget, Ayal Berkovich, Adam Bacher, Mark Roth, Rob Cohen, Maury Rose, Shane Dorfman, Richard Bergmann, Seymour Greenberg, Rigory Gamarnik, Aaron Krickstein, Wade Boggs, Alfred Flatow, Harold Abrahams, Brian Bark, Hank Greenberg, Al Bummy Davis, Jose Bautista, Lilian Copeland, Sam Stoller, Harris Barton, Bobby Frankel, Vic Seixas, Cory Stone, David Jacobs, Tomer Cagan, Valerie Balenski, Scott Franz, Ruben Amaro Snr, Ruben Amaro Jnr, Darin Shapiro, Ken Flax, Eric Mills, Ernie Grunfeld, Max Baer, Buddy Baer, Barney Ross, Joey Kaufman, Davy Diamant, Lyle Alzado, Thelma ‘Tiby’ Eisen, Josh Meisels, Boris Gurevitch, Jack Kid Berg, Bob Cousy, Eric Berkovitz, Sandy Koufax, Diamond Page, Yael Arad, Joe Wieder, Sammy Baugh, Dean Malenko, Max Silverstein, Mitch Gaylord, Paul Haber, Stanley Sanford Shulman, David Rigert, Laurence Myers, Gabriel Silberstein, John Frank, Malcolm Dorfman, Julien Weiner, Matt Frank, Justin Gimelstob, Daniel Brailovsky, Mike Rossman, Katherine Yaphe, Brad Gilbert, Henry Wittenberg, Leo Center, Phil Milstein, Steve Brodsky, Jeff Agoos, David Robbins, Nick Engel, Mel Prupas, Doug Gottlieb, Rodman von Propp, Barry Horowitz, Art Heyman, Lawrence Zohershon Daddy, Nadav Henefeld, Tim Puller, Shawn Michaels, Ricardo Rosset, Boris Mayorov, Alfred Hajos, Jerry Langer, Hirsch Jacobs, Sam Jacobson, Jerry Rodman, Randy Keefe, Abraham L. Bursztein, Pete Sampras, Corey Hirsch, Arthur Augustus Zimmerman, Angelica Rozeanu, Richard Simmons, Benny Leonard, Walter Miller, Tamir Goodman, Sebastian Rosenthal, Faina Melnik, Irving Jafee, Evgeny Davydov, Oren Aharoni, Kerry Strug, Eamonn Dempsey, Erno Katz, Mike Katz, Leon Rottman, Dave Gotman, Reg Park, Michael Citron, Brad Friedel, Dick Savitt, Gary Gubnar, Jimmy Jacobs, Raphael
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Bobby Fischer, Leonid Bakalinsky, Wilhelm Stainitz, Michael Botvinnik, Boris Spassky, Mikhail Tal, Gary Kasparov, Judith
Polgar, Emanuel Lasker.

Dr Barnado (care and homes for orphans), William van Praagh (lip reading for the deaf), Nathan Strauss (milk for school children), Leonard Abramson (founder U.S. Healthcare), Edward Bernays (founder of public relations).

Times Warner, Inc. Gerald Levin, Danny Goldberg, Stuart Hersch, Norman Pearlstine, Daniel Schorr, Laurence Tisch.

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BREAD: Vogels, Goldstein Bakeries.

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Abbie Hoffman, Rosa Luxemburg, Jerry Rubin, Rabbi Avi Weiss, Stew Albert, Emma Goldman, Abraham Joshua Heschel, James Laxer, Ralph Milliband, Michael Lerner, Diane M. Trippel.

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Dinah Shore, Tina Louise, Ricky Lake, Sally Jesse Raphael, Jerry Springer, Milton Berle, Joan Rivers, Barbara Walters, Mike Wallace, Don Lane, Mike Walsh, Jay Leno, Dinah Shore, Jay Diamond.

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Ashley Montagu, Otto Klineberg, Melville Herskovits, Emile Durkheim, Franz Boas.

Levi Strauss (jeans); Myer Stores; Grace Bros Stores; Olivier Strelli; and bras were first introduced in 1913 by a little Jewess, Mary Phelps Jacobs, for better or worse; Adidas (under Robert Louis-Dreyfus); Calvin Klein; Vidal Sassoon; Paul Fireman (Reebok); Donna Karan; Estee Lauder; Esther Malka; Isaac Mizrahi; Ronald Perelman (Revlon); Scaasi [‘Isaacs’ backwards]; Sterns.

Louis Blaustein (1910).

Marcus Samuel (Shell Oil).

Adam Citroen, Max Goldberg (invented the parking lot, 1918). 

Matt Fraiberg (Guardian alarms).

Henry Bloch (H&R Bloch Tax preparation).

Richard Tauber, Robert Goulet, Michael Bolton, Josef Schmidt, Garth Brooks, Vance Gill, Bette Midler, Olivia Newton John, Marc Bolan, Barbra Streisand, Roselyn Kind, Tony Martin, Richard Tucker, Eddie Fisher, Lyle Lovett, Harry Connick Jr, Linda Rondstadt, Tony Martin, Georgia Gibbs, Brian Wilson, Carnie Wilson, Bibi Marcell, Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love, Mark Reizen, Richard Marx, Lisa Loeb, Peter Yarrow, Aaron Lebedev, Abbe Lane, Leonard Warren, Alexander Kipnis, Susanna Hoffs, Carly Simon, Col Joye, Steve Lawrence, Bruce Springsteen, Leslie Gore, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, David Lee Roth, Al Jolson, Eddie Cantor, Helen Shapiro, Neil Diamond, Judy Garland, Liza Minelli, Lana Cantrell, Sophie Tucker, Ramblin’Jack Elliott, Gary Lewis, Jakob Dylan, Sol Zim, Caroline Schreiber, Neil Sedaka, Emanuel List, Cindi Lauper, Mauricio Bleiberg, Debbie Friedman, Paula Abdul, Aaron Abel, Joe Cocker, Paul Anka, Gedde Lee, Taylor Dayne, Joe Elliot, Marty Balin (Jefferson Airplane), Justine Frischmann, Katrina Neville, Pat Benatar, Stacy Earl, Marianne Faithful, Robert Merrill, Roberta Peters, Laura Nyro, Beastie Boys (entire group), Willy Nelson, Mel Tilles, Kinky Friedman, Gene Simmons, Alma Cogan, Steve Page, Mama Cass Elliot, Elvis Presley, Joe Ely, Adam Faith, Steve Goodman, Rosa Raisa, Mel Torme, Larry Floyd Matthews, Salim Hallali, Chaim Topol, Eddie Vedder, Dave Katz, Keith Merrit, Anthony Newley, Carol Bayer Sager, Melissa Manchester, Phil Ochs, Country Joe McDonald, Ethel Merman, Robbie Robertson, Yves Montand, Pat Nash, Juice Newton, Steven Tyler, Jan Peerce, Marie Rappold, Beverly Sills, Aaran Tan, Barry Sisters, Phoebe Snow, Frankie Vaughan, Chris Isaaks.

Charles Koppelman (EMI CEO), Gary Hersh (Capitol CEO), David Sarnoff (RCA)

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Chaim Weizmann, Theodor Herzl, Benjamin Disraeli, Leon Blum, Pope Innocent II, Judah P. Benjamin, Malcolm Fraser, Robert Lee Hawke, Gough Whitlam, Simon Bamberger, Robert Briscoe, Herb Grey, Jacob Javits, Edward Irving Koch, John Deutsch, Gyula Horn, Harold Brown, Kitty Dukakis, James Bolger, Bela Kuhn, Sir Matthew Nathan, Caspar Weinberger, Eamon De Valera, Edward Levi, Twocohen Gun, Felix Dzersinskij, Madeline Al-bright, Yakov Yurowsky, Madeleine May Kunin, Jacob Montefiore, Antall Jozsef, Ruth Dreifuss, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Phoebe Levy Pember, Rahm Emmanuel, Pierre Mendes, David Marshal, Leon Trotsky, Steven Breyer, Sir Isaac Isaacs, Bob Rae, Gol Jean, Louis Brandeis, Sir Zelman Cowen, Steven Breyer, William Cohen, Sir John Monash, Markus Wolf, Rabbi Marvin Antelman (Chief Justice of the Supreme Rabbinic Court) who excommunicated Henry Kissinger, Malcolm Rifkind, James Jesus Angelton, Herbert Lehman, Bernard Kouchner, Maxim Litinov, Ed Rendell, Sidney Reilly, General Beauregard, Emma Goldman, Sir Joshua Hassan, Barry Goldwater, Abe Fortas, Bob Briscoe, Ben Briscoe, Charles Philipson, Douglas Ginsberg, Felix Frankfurter, Milton Katz, Ronnie Kasrils, Mel Lastman, John Deutsch, Paul Bromberg, Benjamin Cardozo, Moshe Dayan, Arthur Goldberg, Janet Jagan, Cardinal Lustiger, Bora Laskin, “Judge Judy” Sheindlin, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Bruno Kreisky, Miltiades Evert, David Vasquez, Paco Giuliano, Fernandez Carvajal, Beryl Katznelson, Genrikh Yagoda, Stanley Mosk, Cardinal Paskai Laszlo, Boris Nemtsov, Arlen Spector, Yevgeny Primakov (Pinchas Finkelstein), Boruh Yeltsin, Richard Posner, Vladimir Zhirinovsky.  

Al Capp (L’il Abner), Jerry Seigal & Joe Schuster (Superman = real name Kal-El, Hebrew for “fathers”). 

Charles Lazarus (Toys R Us).

Rothschilds, Jacob Schiff, Chaim Solomon [Haym Salomon] (financed the American Revolution, but never paid back), Paul Warburg (architect of Federal Reserve), Leslie Gonda (International Lease Finance Corp), Lee Radziwill, Maurice Greenberg (AIG Insurance), Alan Greenspan (Chairman Fed. Res.), Paul Volcker (former Chairman Feds), Thor Jensen, Edmond Safra, James Wolfensohn (President World Bank), Sanford Weill (American Express, TravellersGroup, Shearson-Lehman), Charles Bluhdorn (Gulf & Western), Carl Icahn, Joseph Flom, Robert Strauss, Jerome Kohlberg, Saul Steinberg, Ira Harris, T. Boone Pickens, Martin Lipton, James Wolfensohn, Peter R. Kann (Dow Jones, Wall St Journal, Barrons).

Seligman-Hellman (Wells Fargo & Lehman).

Barney Banarto, Baron Harry Openheimer.

Richard Bernstein, M. Frankel, J. Lelyveld, J. Rosenthal, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Howard Stern, Joyce Brothers, Art Buchwald, Cathy Lee, Ann Landers, Walter Winchell, Steve Liebman, Jay Diamond, Dr Dean Edell, Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby), Lew Wasserman, Katherine Meyer Graham, Bill Handel, Larry King, Abraham Zabludovsky, Simon Tolnai, Hugh Heffner, Michael Ovitz, William Paley, Lawrence Tisch, William Paley, Leonard Stern, Mike Wallace, Jim Lehrer, Mortimer Zuckerman, Donald Newhouse, Peter Kalikow, Steven Ross, Maury Povich, Jeff Sagansky, Sumner Redstone, Mark Walberg, Robert Maxwell, Richard Snyder, Rupert Murdoch, David Sarnoff, Robert Sarnoff, Michael Schulhof, Samuel Newhouse, Stuart Bloomberg, Steven Friedman, Leonard Goldenson, Alfred Ochs, Gerald Levin, David Sarnoff, Walter Benjamin.

Juan Valdez (Columbian).

Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky (Bronstein), Friedrich Engels, Bernard Baruch (Presidential adviser), Noam Chomsky (education), Milton Friedman, Eliyahu Konovsky, Lawrence Klein, Paul Samuelson, Don Patinkin, David Ricardo (founded classical school of economics).

Nostradamus, Linda Goodman, Rod Serling, 

Jacqueline Mars Vogel (Mars bars). 


Paul & Steve Allen (co-founders Microsoft), Michael Dell (creator Dell Computers), Joel Leyden (Internet pioneer), (3 Jews
invented ICQ Software), Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel, the world’s largest maker of integrated circuits.

Admiral Hyman Rickover. 

Otto Lilienthal (first person to fly long prior to Wright Bros). 


A major consideration in the Abrahamic Covenant is found in the statement of Gen 12.3. “And I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you; and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed.” 

Three important promises are given in this verse.

God PROMISES to extend a special blessing to those Gentile nations who grant to Abraham’s descendants a homeland.

God PROMISES that He will curse (punish) any nation who oppresses the Jewish people.

God PROMISES to bring blessing to the entire world through the nation Israel.

This basic fact of faith-history helps to clarify the news behind the news. As a prime example, the United Kingdom has its
problems, and the whole world knows it. The Empire has gone, the Commonwealth has fragmented, and Britain is now only a third-rate power dependant on Arab petro-dollars to keep its shaky economy afloat.

The attitude of the British government toward the Jews has decreed the devolvement of the UK as a world power. It is only the Abrahamic people (Jews and Arabs) who are preventing her from sliding blind-drunk into the Atlantic giggling with the champagne of saturated overindulgence. Certainly, as they have already done in America, the Jews presently largely fashion and shape British (and world) public opinion. In this sense they control the reins of power. Certainly, Jewish media-power means Jewish media control. While we must concede that this does not necessarily pose a problem, it must be understood that whoever largely controls the media largely controls the population. Monopolies, as we all readily enough admit, are an evil in themselves — no matter WHO seems to be directing the monopoly.


According to Broadcast magazine (14 June 1996) the most powerful man at the British Broadcasting Corporation is Alan Yentob, Director of BBC programmes. He has“control over all non-news BBC programmes including those for satellite channels and those in English for the World Service.” He is extremely close friends with TV bosses Michael Green and Michael Grade along with Charles Saatchi, who with Yentob is of Jewish-Iraqi extraction. Present and former governors of the BBC have included Sir David Scholey, Sir Kenneth Bloomfield and Janet Cohen. Other positions have been held by Sarah Frank (Chief Executive of BBC Worldwide Americas), Keith Samuel (Controller of publicity and public relations), David Aaronovitch (Managing Editor), Anne Sloman, Ruth Caleb, Tony Kay, Adam Singer, Rod Natkiel, Lisa Jardine, Louis Marks, Jon Plowman, Roy Saatchi, Geoffrey Goodman, Naomi Goldman, Joshua Rosenberg, Jenny Abramsky, Caroline Raphael, Daniel Snowman, Suzanne Levy, Peter Clark, David Asper, Nancy Roberts, Garry Jacobs, Jonny Gould, Janet Gershlick, Vanessa Feltz, Brian Eastman, John Spearman, Roberta Aarons, Tim Schoonmaker, Lynne Franks, Tony Stoller, Yvonne Kintoff.

Created by Jeremy Isaacs, and Michael Grade is now the Chief Executive. Grade’s father is none other than TV magnate Lew Grade, chairman of the Grade Company and a director of Euro-Disney. Colin Leventhal is presently Managing Director of Channel 4 International Ltd. Leventhal cooperates closely with Nickelodeon, the subsidiary of Sumner Redstone’s Viacom Inc.

Channel 4’s news editors are Sara Nathan and her sidekick Elinar Goodman. Gabi Roslin and Dani Behr are favourite actors on Planet 24, Channel 4’s youth oriented production company. Then we have distributors Michael and Martin Myers, scriptwriter Stephanie Calman, off-colour comedians Mark Thomas and Alexi Sayle, producer Philip Clarke (Diverse Production Company) and his comedy talent Dan Zeff.

Lord Hollick, Jude Goffee, Eve Salomon, Marcus Plantin, Claudia Rosencrantz, David Puttnam (MAI’s Anglia TV subsiduary and Village Roadshow Pictures [Australia]), Graham Creelman, Stephen Grabiner, Robert Elias, Charles Golding.

Michael Green, David Prosser, Richard Simons, Janet Goldsmith, Michael Forte.

Sir Stephen Waley-Cohen, Nick Cohen, Gerry Gable, Michael Bloomberg, Tony Rubython, Anita Roddick, Lucie Russell, Milton Shulman, Mark Steyne, Samantha Weinberg, Alexandra Shulman, Tommy Hilfilger, Piers Wenger, Deborah Selner, Tony Cross, Trish Halpin, Felix Dennis, James Bloom, Peter Koenig, David Cohen, Chris Peachment, Christopher Sylvester, Jo Levin, Sarah Bravo, Deidre Vine, Nigella Lawson, Rhoda Koenig, Daniel Salem, Emma Halpin, Rachel Rae-levy, Isabella Kullman, Michael Lambert, Samuel Brittan, Paula Kahn, Samuel Newhouse, Donald Newhouse, Bob Gavron, Paul Hamlyn, T.G. Rosenthal, Louis Baum, Geoffrey Goodman, Jenny Abramsky.

Hugh Goldsmith, David Joseph, Nancy Farbman, Sir Graham Day, E. Einsmann, Charles Diamont, Michael Burger, Jeremy Silver, Sara Silver, Gerhard Blum, Jonathan Sternberg, Michael Gerrie, Pat Burger, R. Godfrey-Kess, Alan Bellman, Dan Reedman, Richard Cowan, Robert Earl, Michael Winner, Helen Zahavi, Mike Isaacson, Peter Kosminksy, Neil Zeiger, Tom Gutteridge, Alan Rich, David Altschuler, Stephen Margolis, James Palumbo, Mark Rodol, Peter Mandelson, Benjamin Wegg-Prosser.

Martin Sorell, Maurice Saatchi, Josephine Hart, Chalres Saatchi, Tony Kaye, Stewart Steven, Guy Zitter, Lawrence Sear, Jonathan Holborrow, Gaby Hinsiff, Sarah Ebner, Sam Harris, Jonathan Margolis, Richard Kay, Geoffrey Levy, Paul Harris, Anne Applebaum, Clive Wolman, Lawrence Lever, Dan Wagner, Gary Stern.

Peter Chernin, David Elstein, Sam Chisholm, Raymond Jaffe, Melvyn Marckus, Wendy Henry, Stuart Kuttner, William Newman, A.A. Fischer.

Neal Ascherson, David Aaronovitch, Stephen Grabiner, Rupert Hambro, Sir Martin Jacomb, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Dominic Lawson, Kitty Melrose, Damian Kelleher.

Sacha Baron Cohen, Sidney Bernstein, Cecil Bernstein, Alexander Bernstein, Duncan Lewis, Maureen Lipman, Steve Morrison, Simon Shaps, Kate Stross, Peter Salmon, Andrea Wonfor, Nadine Nohr, Kay Mellor, Paul Marcus.

Lazards Bank, Tony Cohen, Sir Paul Fox, Harold Mourgue, Sir Claus Moser.


David Elstein, Tim Gardam, David Berg.


James Ackerman, Bruce Steinberg, Julian Aston, David Feingold, David Kogan, Malcolm Switzer, Gerald Levin, Randy Freedman, Raymond Jaffe, Jeffrey Schlesinger, Liz Laskowski, Mark Rosenthal, Gil Aronow, Boris Katz, Peter Einstein, David Woodman, Danton Rissner, Mark Deitch, Yonnie Cohen, Mitchell Kriegman, Richard Wolfe, Franklin Getchell, Michael Rosenblum.

Michael Pilsworth, David Puttnam. 

Alain Levy, Michael Kuhn, David Hockman.

Sir Leslie Fletcher, J. Cohen, Steve Wolfe, and Meir Malinsky. 

It is written, “He shows His word to Jacob, His statutes and His judgments to Israel. He has not dealt so with any nation; and as for His judgments, they [the Gentiles] have not known them” (Ps 147.19,20).

Anti-Semitism and the constant barrage of anti-Israel propaganda hits our senses on almost a daily basis, despite the massive influence of key Jewish players in the media. (This became starkly apparent in biased reporting during the September/October 2000 upheavals in Israel, and from thenceforth.) And yet, intriguingly and despite unremitting opposition, the Jewish race has provided a full 10% of all the Noble Prize winners in medicine and science.

Not bad for less than half of one percent of the entire world’s population.


I am reminded of a story my father used to tell about a man who was walking down a street and bumped into a Jewish rabbi. “Are you a Jew?” enquired the man. “Yes,”replied the rabbi and received an unexpected and unwelcome broken nose. “For what already have you broken my nose?” cried the flawed Hebrew now lying sprawled in the dust. “Because you blokes killed Christ!” came the reply. “Oy vey! That was 2000 years ago,” the rabbi said. The stranger retorted: “Yeah! But I only heard about it today.”

Certain of the Jews in a political Sanhedrin handed Yeshua over to the Romans on trumped-up charges. They did so, not because He was NOT the Messiah, but because He WAS. They knew, that as the Messiah was expected to suffer and die for the world, that a planned instrumentality was needed to bring Him to that point of self-martyrdom. The writings of the Jews proves this to be precisely the case, without any doubt whatsoever. The Jews handed Yeshua over to Rome, and Rome crucified the Lord of glory. But our sins took His life.

How have we repaid the Jews for giving us the message of salvation (Jn 4.22)? Consider some decisions made in the past by “Christian” Councils and Synods: 

Jews and Christians not permitted to eat together – Synod of Elvira, 306 CE

Jews not allowed to hold public office- Synod of Clermont, 535 CE

Jews not permitted to show themselves in the streets during Passion Week, 3rd Synod of Orleans, 538 CE

Burning of the Talmud and other books –12th Synod of Toledo, 681 CE

Christians not permitted to patronise Jewish doctors – Trulanic Synod, 692 CE

Jews obligated to pay taxes to support the church to the same extent as Christians – Synod of Gerona, 1078 CE 

Jews not permitted to be plaintiffs, or witness against Christians in the courts – 3rd Lateran Council, 1179 CE, Canon 26

Construction of new synagogues prohibited – Council of Oxford, 1222 CE

Christians not permitted to attend Jewish ceremonies – Synod of Vienna, 1267 CE

Compulsory Jewish ghettoes – Synod of Breslau, 1267 CE

Christians not permitted to sell or rent real estate to Jews – Synod of Ofen, 1279 CE

Adoption by a Christian of the Jewish religion or return by a baptised Jew to the Jewish religion defined as heresy – Synod of Mainz, 1310 CE

Jews not permitted to obtain academic degrees – Council of Basel, Sessio XIX, 1434 CE

Mr A. Hitler used these very same Catholic Canon Laws as the models for his anti-Jewish “Nuremberg Laws”. Of course, the early American (Edomite) Puritans condemned the entire Jewish race, as “Christians” have done since the time of Yeshua, to eternal hellfire as “Christ-killers.” It was essentially Puritan influence which lay the anti-Semitic bedrock in American soil. Consider a few largely unknown facts:

1743 – A New York mob attacks a Jewish funeral procession
1746 – Philadelphia’s Jewish cemetery is vandalised
1776 – Early 1800. Many of the original 13 states limit the right to vote or hold office to Christians only
1850 – A mob led by Irish policemen raids a New York apartment building occupied by Jews, beating many of the tenants and stealing cash and jewellery.
1854 – The U.S. ratifies a commercial treaty with the Swiss Confederacy that bars Jews from residing or doing business in parts of Switzerland, despite protests by American Jews. The law was on the books until Switzerland rescinded its anti-Semitic legislation in 1874
1862 – Gen U.S. Grant issues “Order No.11” expelling all Jews from the Dept. of Tennessee
1913 – The B’nai Brith establishes the Anti-Defamation League to combat anti-Semitism
World War II – the Edomite nations of the world close their doors to Jewish immigration from Nazi Europe.

True, the Jews did eventually reject the Gospel. Yet, even this rejection was an integral part of the Lord’s sovereign intent of the ages (Rom 11). Through their rejection of the Gospel and of the Messiah, the door swung open for God to grant repentance to the Gentiles (Acts 11.18; Rom 11.11,12). The creation of the Church (ekklesia, “assembly of called-out-ones”), a spiritual organism, was the secret of the ages, hidden even from prophets and angels (1 Pet 1.8-12).

Wrote the apostle Paul in one of his later compositions today known as “Ephesians,” “Therefore, remember that formerly you who are Gentiles by birth…remember that at the time you were separate from Messiah, excluded from citizenship in Israel and foreigners to the covenants of the promise, without hope and without God in the world. But now in Messiah Yeshua, you who were once far away have been brought near through the blood of Messiah…” (Eph 2.11-13).

This is definitely not one of Paul’s earliest epistles. It’s one of his latest, written toward the end of his life. Gentiles today, according to Rav Shaul, can have access to God by virtue of being IN Mashiach — and thus they possess “citizenship in Israel.” How many Christians actually believe this statement? Not that many — but praise God some do accept this fact of their calling and election and salvation in Grace. Check out the entire length and breadth and height and width of chapter 3 of Ephesians, for his mystery or secret is about God creating a new humanity composed and comprised of Jew and Gentile — but only in and through Messiah.

It is the verdict of history that the carnal physical church has committed the exact same sin as the Jews (Rom 11.18-21). The Jews may have rejected Yeshua, but Christians have rejected the Messiah. This is the real reason why the Gentile church is on the wane, notwithstanding denominational transfer growth, and has not increased its position in any healthy way since 1967 (Lk 18.8).

Those who propose the theory of Replacement Theology need to be reminded, not only of God’s sovereign will in election, but that Israel’s call to serve God was not even based on human merit — a fact propounded often enough by the prophets — but was predicated entirely on the loving foundation of His Grace! Paul articulated this fact plainly when, by inspiration of the holy Spirit, he thundered the point that “the GIFTS and calling of God are IRREVOCABLE” (Rom 11.29). We are talking here about the very essential CHARACTER OF ALMIGHTY GOD. Either we can decide now to accept God’s Word or, because of the importance to us of a biblically unfounded notion and perverse church tradition, reject it. 


Will Israel be restored nationally — will the Davidic Throne again grace the precincts of Jerusalem in a restored Davidic
Kingdom — as predicted by the prophets, or has the church justification to embrace, albeit somewhat awkwardly, this awesome assortment of Israel-centered predictions as applying to the church?

No matter on what side of the theological fence we may presently sit, it would do us all well to momentarily reflect on the fact that the essential attributes of God’s character displayed in His noble immutability, precise exactitude, unbounded omniscience and honest veracity are all involved in this statement by the apostle Paul to the Gentiles. 

Paul’s mention of God’s calling and His UNIQUE GIFTS TO ISRAEL — which he said were irrevocable — refer to those gifts he previously took pains to mention in his letter to the Abrahamic Romans, most of whom were descendants of Esau or Edom (Rom 3.2; 9.4,5). And, while the apostle’s usual word for gift is dora, he here utilises another word entirely — charisma — which derives from the word for GRACE, charis.

The obvious fact of human failure to in any way measure up to God’s calling, or to merit or attain to even an acceptable level in God’s standard cannot come into the equation. Israel was given her election and her GIFTS in and by God’s GRACE. It was all of GRACE and not of works. The nation of Israel had a God-given calling and election and mission and destiny and BY GOD’S GRACE they will yet fulfil that calling, election, mission and destiny.

“Just as you [Gentiles] who were at one time disobedient to God have now received mercy as a result of their [Israel’s]
disobedience, so they [Israel] too have now become disobedient in order that they [Israel] too may now receive mercy as a result of God’s mercy to you [Gentiles]. For God has bound all men [Israel and the Gentiles] over to disobedience so that he may have mercy on them all [Israel and the Gentiles]” (Rom 11.30-32).

Today’s popular “Christian” books and pamphlets on the subject of “Replacement Theology Truth” may well be the comic books of the Messiah’s New World Library when He comes to rule the Earth with a rod of iron in the next few years!

As far as America is concerned, we have all been largely conditioned to accept the notion that America is the righteous policeman of the world. America: “Home of the Brave, Land of the Free” — “Justice, Freedom, and the American Way.” That she should display anti-Christian proclivities seems to be an indication of just how far the United States of America has sunk at the volition of sinister anti-God forces in Washington. 

We shall see later in a future planned exposition that the common view politically promulgated by right-wing funda-mentalist churchianity that America was originally a Christian nation dedicated to “Jesus Christ” by the founders of the New Nation and the authors of the Constitution, and that therefore it is our solemn right and duty as Bible-believing Christians to “reclaim the USA for God,” is just so much drivel of the highest order.

It is nothing short of sheer mythology.

The remarkable story of the outworking of prophecy relating to Esau (Edom) and Jacob (Israel) will soon come alive with rich meaning as we progress in our studies of the Jewish Scriptures.