A Christmas Message to an Apostate Church

The prophets had long ago foretold it. He was to be “the seed of the woman who would bruise the serpent’s head.” And now it had come to pass. Because of the fallen, degenerate condition of the human race, the Holy One had made a last ditch contingency plan to save humankind. One of the Persons of the Omniscient Trinity would take the form of a Man, being incarnated in the womb of a Virgin, live a life of righteous piety, and become the Victim in atoning sacrifice for sin.

Now the woman had been painstakingly selected by the angels of God for her inherent purity, a very young girl engaged to a local carpenter. She was of royal descent as was also her betrothed. The Child she would bare would lay claim to the throne of his ancestors, according to the flesh, for such is the right of a king.

The young Virgin would never forget that moment as long as she lived — the moment which initiated a momentous chain of events that would culminate in the cruel shadow of a cross and give rise to a powerful new religion that would replace the dead formalism of the times. The conception occurred.

An angel told her not to be afraid, that all would be well, and that the Holy Ghost was indeed the Father of the Child. The angel said: “In thy delivery, O favoured among women, all nations shall have cause to exult!”

The very next morning the girl ran excitedly to the home of her special girlfriend, a local lass who lived not far away in a nearby village. They both rejoiced that the Holy Trinity had chosen her to produce the long-awaited God-in-the-flesh.

Nine months later, on the eve of December 25th, three Wise Men came bearing gifts to the Holy Baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. They had come from afar, and had followed the Star. They hesitated at first, and then with reverential awe they all three knelt before their newborn King. The Holy Mother smiled, and her middle-aged carpenter husband could hardly believe his eyes as he beheld the sight and the gifts.

Almost falling over each other, a scruffy lot of shepherds (who had been minding their flocks by night), came bursting through the Holy Silence to where the Wise Men were worshipping in transfixed adoration. They quickly stopped their animated babbling when they saw the dim glow of the Halo surrounding the crown of the head of the Little Baby. And they, too, fell upon their faces in religious adoration as they lauded this little Bundle of Joy.

Angels had appeared to these men in glorious power, and had filled the night air with the melody of strange music, above them in the starlit sky. The sheep had scattered in all directions. The shepherds were told by the Messengers of God that a marvellous event had taken place, and forgetting the flock they came rushing, scurrying feverishly to the obscure area where the True Lamb had been born.

And so, in hushed wonder, they worshipped.

This young Child began to grow.

A wicked king sought to solidify his power base and to secure his regal position by the issue of a vile edict — the mass slaughter of all boy infants up to a certain age. He had heard tell of the birth of another King, and he could not dismiss the persistence of the rumours. If the rumours were based on fact — if a new King had indeed been born within his realm — then He would eventually challenge his right to rule. But again, an angel appeared to the Holy Family and warned them to flee. So the young Child spent his early years in exile, until the day they returned to the land of his Nativity.

As he grew older, people noticed how “different” he was. Unlike other children of his age he was never disrespectful or discourteous to elderly people, and he was always obedient to his parents. And even at one time when he was separated from his Family at a feast, and his anguished father and Mother scolded him, he kept his temper in hand and again honoured their counsel in his life.

The Child never ever got into trouble and he was always very cooperative with the local authorities and the militant forces of the occupying power. And when his friends were employed with daring leaps into the local swimming hole from the heights of the massive old tree which overhung the river, he was busily engaged with intellectually vanquishing his learned opponents in matters of law at the Temple.

By this time, too, his Mother had given him brothers and sisters. Yet, there was very little real communication between them and their Brother because they thought he considered himself so “Special.”

One day the youth received a Call from his Heavenly Father, the Holy Ghost. He was directed by Him to a nearby wilderness in order to be tested and properly trained for his one great Mission in life. He was to become “the Light and the Life of men.”

And it came to pass that when at last he emerged from the great desert, that his coming Ministry was the central theme in the preaching of a radical prophet. This prophet declared himself to be merely the forerunner of the Lamb of God. This Lamb, said he, would take upon himself all the sins and evils of the world. He would be man’s Perfect Substitute. And like a sacrificial lamb, he would be helpless before his executioners. He would face death with dignity. And he would declare, “I am the Resurrection.”

Yes, his blood would be shed, but he would live again.

And it all started because the prophets had long ago foretold it, and he was born on Christmas Day. And the eyes of the Wise Men and the shepherds had looked with wonder on this little black baby, squirming onto his Mother’s breast, and Maia cradled him so gently, so lovingly.

The Wise Men chanted, “Hari, hari, Krishna, hari.” For this was foretold by the prophets.

And it came to pass on Christmas Day, three thousand years before the birth of the Lord Yeshua haMashiach (Yeshua the Messiah), the Nazarene.

Happy Xmas, everybody!